As parents, we all love sharing photos of our kids on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Although social media is one of the most excellent ways to capture moments and share the same with our loved ones, it has made us abandon a different memory keeper- the baby photo memory book.

In the current digital age of public sharing, almost all of us have forgotten about the importance of baby first year memory book. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Keeping memories of our baby on social media is indeed way easier than maintaining a photo memory book, but your kids will love a tangible keepsake of their childhood memories.

Here Are A Few Best Baby Memory Book Ideas To Help You Create The Best One For Your Little One.

1. Start with a pregnancy announcement page. You may add the pictures of your positive pregnancy test.

2. Include ultrasound pictures of each session. Also, you may create a unique ‘gender reveal’ page like ‘It’s a boy/girl’.

3. Create a page that includes a list of your cravings and what all baby names came to your mind while he/she was in there.

4. Take pictures of the baby shower and include the same in your baby’s memory book. Add the images of gifts you’ve received.

5. Include the birth story of your baby. From hospital bracelet to the paperwork and the first picture of your baby, include it all. Good or bad, add all the memories of the day when your baby landed into your world.

Baby Memory Book

6. Add all the funny stories of the first week because every baby is different. Include the details of your baby hating diaper change or if breastfeeding him/her was a difficult task.

7. Include more and more pictures. Even if the moment is not that big, take a picture and include it in the memory bank. Although you might think that you are looking horrible in the photos, cherishing the same when your baby is all grown up will be a fantastic experience for you as well as your baby.

8. Each milestone of your baby- Include the moments like when your baby first lifted his/her head, when he/she enjoyed his/her first bath, etc. Include each milestone that meant something special to you.

9. Make a collage of your baby’s photos that you clicked while he/she was making funny faces or meeting new people in his/her early days.

10. If you and the daddy of your baby ever wrote a letter to him/her while you were pregnant or after your little bundle of joy was born, those are worthy of being in that book.

Watching your baby grow is full of many incredible and exciting moments. From your positive pregnancy test to their first birthday and then their first beach outing, there is so much that you can’t manage to miss.

So, if you want to keep all those special moments safe, then there is no better way to do so than maintaining a baby memory book. Consider the tips shared and come up with the best photo memory book for your little one.