B2BWoo is an innovative eCommerce solution for B2B companies looking to go digital.

A cloud-managed platform, B2BWoo delivers the business-facing eCommerce experience to individuals right from the comfort of WooCommerce. It comes equipped with everything you need to compete and succeed in the digital world.

While a heavily traditional industry, B2B-oriented businesses are now starting to embrace eCommerce. This shift towards digital transformation, while very much welcomed, can only be implemented if you have a robust eCommerce platform.

Developed by Codup.co, B2BWoo has all the trappings of such a platform. It takes care of all the B2B-specific industry verticals and ensures that you get a range of B2B features built right on top of the ever-trusted WooCommerce.

While it’s still in its beta stages, we’ve felt the platform deserves a review. To that end, we’ll be discussing all its major features – from custom catalogs to quote requests and roles management – and how they contribute to improving the B2B experience for your clients.

What is B2BWoo?

Creating an eCommerce store is relatively simple nowadays. With platforms like WooCommerce, packed with its diverse range of themes and plugins, you can create a functional and appealing store without touching a single line of code.

In the past, WooCommerce was considered a B2C-facing store. With platforms like B2BWoo, the consensus towards WooCommerce has shifted. With the platform, you can integrate all sorts of necessary functionalities to create a B2B or even a hybrid store.

Let’s analyze some of its main features.

Wholesale Management:

An important part of the B2B experience is customized pricing. B2BWoo allows you to set customized pricing at all product levels. B2BWoo promises streamlined wholesale management.

In addition to customizing prices, you can set minimum and maximum product quantity orders that allow your customers to request samples when required.

If you’re using the basic plan, you can get this functionality using Wholesale Product Page Customizer.

Catalog Management Tools

With this neat feature, you can show or hide products depending on what type of user is accessing your site. You can set individual, group, or location-based caps on product displays in your store. In addition to these caps, you can hide your products until a user signs-up or logs-in to your website.

With the basic plan, you can get this B2BWoo feature through the Catalog Visibility for WooCommerce plugin.

Corporate Account Management

Corporate accounts are part and parcel of B2B eCommerce. With a B2B purchase, a single individual is not involved. Instead, you have buyer groups who purchase a product on behalf of a company. The decision making and hierarchical organization make it very distinct from B2C.

With so many buyers contemplating a single purchase, it oftentimes gets tough to organize them all within the structure of your website. B2BWoo’s roles and permissions management functionality allow you to group your business buyers into hierarchies.

With an efficient user management capability on your store, you can allow your buyer groups to simulate their corporate hierarchies on your store with relative ease. Within those hierarchies, users can create roles and assign permissions for those roles.

The basic plan of B2BWoo gives you these features through Roles and Permissions for WooCommerce.

Quick Ordering

B2BWoo provides you with a quick order table functionality in your store. Once you’ve installed this feature by copy/pasting a short-code on a new page, you get a quick order table installed.

With this table installed, an owner enables a user to order products directly from the store instead of visiting multiple product pages. This reduces the burden on the B2B buyer and enables you to improve conversion rates significantly within your processes.

The best part about this plugin is that it’s plug-and-play. You don’t have to bother with configuring the plugin since all it comes pre-configured.

The basic plan of B2BWoo gives you the Quick Order for the WooCommerce plugin.

Product Tables:

The product tables feature of B2BWoo provides you with a customizable version of quick order for WooCommerce. With the plugin, you can create highly-customizable product tables. To elaborate, you can:

  • Add a CSV upload section.
  • Type and category-based segmentation.
  • Add Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality.

The basic plan of B2BWoo gives you the Product Tables for the WooCommerce plugin.

Request for Quote

With Request for Quote (RFQ) for B2BWoo, you can integrate a negotiation system in your store. By adding a simple RFQ button in place, or side-by-side of the “Add to Cart” button, you can allow your users to communicate with you over the price of a specific product.

This feature from B2BWoo can come in really handy when buyers are looking to communicate over high-end purchases.

The basic plan of B2BWoo gives you the B2B eCommerce  for WooCommerce.