So, you’re going on vacation, and you’re going to have a great time. But you’ve promised gifts to all the people you’ve left behind. Whether you need to buy things for your parents, your friends or your cat sitter, you don’t want to spend the whole vacation shopping. You need to find some presents that won’t eat up your travel budget or the valuable time you have to explore. Plus, you don’t want to have to buy an extra suitcase so that you can get all of it home. So what should you buy that everyone back home will love?

Cheesy Souvenirs

You’re sure to know at least one person who likes a cheesy souvenir. This is great news for you because they’re inexpensive and usually small. There are all kinds of things that some might see as junk, but others love. You can get them a shot glass, t-shirt, fridge magnet, key ring, or whatever takes your fancy. You might know someone who has a collection of one thing from the travels. So why not add to it by bringing them something from the place you’ve been to? Just remember that not everyone wants a Hawaiian bobblehead doll or a tiny statue of the Eiffel Tower.


Local Food and Snacks

There is one thing that almost always goes down well when you get back from vacation. Local food always fascinates people, especially if you’ve left the country. The best thing to do is to choose something that travels well. Candy is an excellent choice because you can get some strange and unusual ones. You can also get some delicious items, such as if you visit Belgium and bring back some chocolate. You don’t have to pick up anything strange and foreign, though. There’s also the choice of something quaint and local. For example, you might like the breakfast gift box from the Worcester Wreath Company.


Jewelry can make a great gift to bring back from a vacation. It doesn’t have to have any relation to the place you visit. But you can find that there are some unique styles in each place you visit. You might find something influenced by the native culture of wherever you go. Of course, make sure you buy something that will suit your giftee. Don’t just buy random jewelry that they might never wear. The gift should show you were thinking of them, not just that you’ve been away and bought them something to show off.

Photos and Postcards

Photos are another excellent choice to give people when you get home. You can even turn one into a postcard and send it to them. You could buy some stock postcards or photos to take back with you. They won’t take up much space in your suitcase, and they can have lots of uses. Or you could take your own photos and turn them into a gift when you get home.

Remember that not everyone wants a typically touristy gift from you. Make sure your gift says that you were thinking about them and not about yourself.