Avoid These 5 Fails When Doing Your First Home Renovation Project

Watching a plethora of home improvement shows might have led you to believe that you’re knowledgeable as far as home renovation is concerned. As a result, you’ve decided to undertake your own home renovation project to breathe new life into your home. However, jumping into such a project without making the right preparations almost always results in serious and expensive mistakes.

Here, we look at five common home renovation mistakes that homeowners make, and how you can avoid falling into the same traps.

  1. Incorrect measurements

Do-it-yourselfers are especially prone to this problem. Incorrect measurements can be stressful and expensive. Your home renovation project can suffer major consequences simply because you were off by a half-inch. For example, you may end up not having enough space to install a home appliance as a result of an incorrect measurement. It is, therefore, imperative that you confirm your measurements before proceeding.

  1. Too much focus on aesthetics

Needless to say, one of the most important goals of renovating your home is to make it look new and fresh. However, that’s not the only purpose of renovation. Avoid falling into the trap of neglecting a repair or using a poor-quality material on a part of the home that will be out of sight. You’ll pay for it one way or another. For instance, neglecting your bathroom tile substructure can lead to mold growth or tile damage.

  1. Selecting a design that is short-lived

Updating the home design style is usually one of the aims of renovating. However, even as you consider modern styles for your House and Land Package, steer clear of short-lived designs. The last thing you want is your home standing out only for a while and thereafter appearing out of place. This is especially important if you plan to ever resell your home. Be wary of extremely bold styles.

  1. Using the wrong paint

Choosing the right paint can be a daunting task that you might spend hours on. It is, however, important that you give careful thought to the type of paint to use—and not just the color. Different surfaces require different types of paint. For instance, flat paint is not easy to clean, it shows marks, and does not shine, so it’s best used on walls and ceilings in areas of the home that have low traffic.

  1. Extravagant spending

It’s no surprise that many homeowners end up spending more than they had budgeted for on their home renovation project because of poor planning and the use of high-end supplies. That is not to say that you should skimp on material. The key is to maintain a balance between being frugal and using good quality materials. This can only be achieved through careful research.

In summary, once you make the decision to embark on your first home renovation project, take time to prepare well and don’t rush the process. Take measurements painstakingly, avoid focusing too much on appearance, choose timeless designs, select the right paints and spend wisely in order to get the best results. As a result, you’ve decided to undertake your own home renovation project to breathe new life into your home.

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