Granite is a natural stone which is well-known for its beauty and durability. Granite is used extensively for residential and commercial buildings and landscaping applications for its attractive, hard-wearing and low maintenance qualities. There are many online and offline granite suppliers who provide the best quality granite as per the requirements of their customers. The expert suppliers are the best guides to their customers when it comes to the selection of the natural stone.

Purposes of using Granite:

Granite is one of the hardest natural objects found in the earth after Diamond, Corundum and Topaz. Granite has a broad geological definition and include hard, medium to coarse crystalline rock that accepts high polish.  Let us now talk about the usage of granite’s. It can be used for –

  • Paving – Granite is used in paving walkways and roads as this stone is very hard and lasts really long. Since it involves low maintenance cost, it becomes the choice of majority of the people.
  • Kitchens – For the last 50-60 years, granite suppliers are contracted to provide bench top surfacing in kitchens. The granite’s pattern and color pull together all the style components of your kitchen. Before that marbles were used for this purpose, but as the marbles require higher maintenance so granite’s took its place. Heat has almost no effect on the granite’s and its surface is scratch proof. So, nothing seems to be as good as granite for the kitchen.
  • Bathroom – Granite’s being durable and stain proof are used for bathroom bench tops too. Smooth surface granite’s are perfect for the bathrooms.
  • Commercial Projects – Using granite’s are the cost-effective method to decorate the facade of any construction and to overcome the cost and handling difficulties.
  • Monuments – To provide attractive and durable finish to the buildings and monuments, it becomes imperative to get in touch of granite suppliers.

Kinds of finished granite surfaces:

Granite Supplier

Granite Supplier

Granite’s are sometimes crystalline in structure having many pits, slabs, and natural fissures. This may result into a look containing cracks, but they don’t make the stone vulnerable by any means. These are the characteristics of granite’s and they don’t pose any hindrance to the functionality or durability to the material. There are quite a few options available when you wish to buy granite for your home or office. The buyers can choose the right kind of granite they want from an extensive range of finishes and textures available to the granite suppliers. We will now discuss about four such granite finishes which are highly popular –

  1. Polished or shiny surface granite – The surface of this kind of granites are polished. Thus, they mostly look flat and smooth. The polished surface looks shiniest.
  2. Honed or matte surface granite – This kind of granite has a matte or satin finish. Honed surface granites are more preferred because it possesses a less formal and softer appearance than the polished stones.
  3. Exfoliated or textured granite – Exfoliated granite is ideal for exterior paving or wet areas which need a non-slip surface. This kind of granite’s is made by torching the surface of the stone. Torching means applying very hot flame on stone surface. Due to torching, the surface of granite melts and few crystals shatter. It finally gives a highly textured surface.
  4. Brushed surface granite – You can look for the brushed surface granite’s from your selected granite suppliers. The exfoliated or flamed and brushed granite surfaces are flat and textured. The brushed surface causes least reflection of light.

Based on the thickness, finishing of the surface, color and design, you can make your choice.  Adelaide Black granite is the best kind of granite’s available on the planet. Choose from the granite suppliers who are into this business for a long time and have good name. The experts having an eye for detail will help you in the selection of right kind of granite’s to suit your purpose. It is convenient to shop online for granite’s, but the temptation to check the types of stones with your own eyes can’t be denied. So, no matter if you are buying online or from the showrooms, always look for the catalogs before choosing the granite’s.