Author: Vania Silva

Grandpa, I Love You, But You’re Too Old to Drive

If your aging grandparents (or parents, for that matter) are like most individuals, the decision to stop driving is probably a very difficult one.  Giving up the car keys can raise numerous questions and emotions. Questions such as, “How will I get myself to the grocery store? How will I get to my medical appointments? How will I visit my friend Sally?” All are valid questions and giving up the car keys, can often represent another loss at a time of life already filled by significant losses — of independence, health, and lifelong friends and loved ones. For emotional...

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Truck Safety Awakening – It’s Time for the FMSCA to Revise the Hours of Safety Rule

Professional commercial vehicle drivers have an extremely demanding and essential job of driving and delivering our goods day in and day out. However, even the most well-trained, safety-conscious professional truck driver is at risk for drowsiness-related motor vehicle crashes, particularly those working the night shift. In the United States, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulated the Hours of Service (HOS) of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, to eleven cumulative hours in a fourteen hour time frame. This is after a break of no less than ten consecutive hours. Drivers hired by carriers in “daily operation” may...

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Are Illegal Aliens Entitled to Worker’s Comp?

  Last month, President Donald Trump made headlines for his executive decisions limiting refuges coming into the US.  In addition, he has also taken executive action cracking down on sanctuary cities and subsidizing an unwanted wall with Mexico.   So we can only speculate that his  next move will be the subject of undocumented employees. Illegal immigrants make up 3.5% of the United States’ population and in California alone, those illegal immigrants make up 10% of the workforce.  An illegal immigrant is not legally allowed to work in the United States. There is something known as the Immigration Reform and Control...

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Safeguarding Kids from Downed Power Lines is Far More Important than Pretty Trees

While neighbors battle over trimming trees near power lines in Commerce Township, MI, there is a real life threatening danger of being electrocuted when trees come in close proximity to utility structures.   It happens more often than one may think. Neighbors arguing about property boundaries and the appearance of their neighborhood or even backyard, particularly when it comes to trimming trees near power lines. The latest conflict in Michigan is making television headlines in Metro Detroit News. Two neighbors from Commerce Township in Michigan are debating over the possible tree trimming, as Paul Francis wants to have the...

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Find Out Why – As Americans, We Are Very Unhealthy

For years, it’s been known that U.S. life expectancy falls below other high-income countries, despite the fact that we spend more on health care per individual than anyone else in the world. Americans continue to falsely assume that we pay more for healthcare because we have a better health system and/or better health outcomes. Not true.  According to the 2015 mortality data, American men die approximately at the age of 76.3 and American women at 81.2, about 2.2 years earlier than their counterparts in several other high-income countries. So why are we so unhealthy? Food – It’s no secret, our food...

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