Author: Shawn Clark

7 Must-Know Facts about Erections Every Guy Should Be Aware Of

Overview of erections An erection can be defined as the hardening of the penis or a rigid state of the penis. Every guy wants to have a long-lasting erection, as it helps them to satisfy their partner in bed. Being able to achieve a solid erection is not only desirable by men, but women also want men with a good sexual health. Without a solid erection, you will face problems during sexual intercourse. Furthermore, it will also lead to marital problems. The study shows that sexual dysfunctions among male play a more important part than sexual dysfunctions among women...

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7 Fall Foods to Boost Your Sex Life

When the weather gets colder, we tend to go from eating mostly refreshing and cold foods to those bit more on the warm and hearty side. But other than that, our choice of food during the harvesting season is also endless, and many of these foods pack a punch regarding nutritional value. Nutritiously dense foods, like many of those harvested in the season of fall, are known to improve sexual health among other things. So, taking advantage this season of some of the fall’s superfoods is bound to show in the bedroom. In case you were wondering which fall...

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Why Stoned Sex Is The Best Sex, According To Science

Anyone who’s tried stoned sex is familiar with the highs and lows that come with having sex after smoking a blunt. Generally speaking, most sexually active folks who like to use the helping hand of these substances agree that sex just feels better when you’re stoned compared to when you’re drunk or sober even. This is because marijuana makes you feel relaxed and magnifies all your sense which is considered a perfect recipe for great sex. On the other hand, alcohol is known to increase your desire but it, unfortunately, numbs your senses and skews your thinking leading to...

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How To Cure Premature Ejaculation And Low Sperm Count

The male reproductive system is complicated and involves many biological functions. When any of the biological functions involved in the male reproductive system goes awry, a series of problems can start to develop and cause issues in the man’s sex life, sexual health, prostate health and even have a negative impact on his quality of life. While erectile dysfunction is the most commonly targeted health condition related to the male reproductive system, other problems also exist and may even be more prevalent than this sexual disorder. Examples of other common problems that men experiences are premature ejaculation and a...

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Bring Sexy Back In This Year

One of the most basic human needs after food and shelter comes sex. This is something that very few men can go without. And there is a good reason to it. It is because man is wired in such a way that they will get that need for companionship and this is completed by engaging in sex which connects one person to the other. With the many pressures of life, it may be quite challenging to get to engage in the best sex that you may desire. One has to think outside the box to ensure that the one...

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