Author: Shawn Clark

5 Strange Side Effects of More Sex

Too much of anything is bad, even sex Every person wants to have sex. It’s too much fun, and there are many health benefits of having sex. Some of the health benefits of having sex are improved immunity, improvement in sleep, a better heart health, and more. According to the statistics, the majority of the married American women are dissatisfied with their sex life. The study also shows that the current generations of Americans are having less sex than the previous generations. Many people are concerned about this fact, and they are looking for the ways to enhance their...

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7 Must-Know Facts about Erections Every Guy Should Be Aware Of

An erection can be defined as the hardening of the penis or a rigid state of the penis. Every guy wants to have a long-lasting erection, as it helps them to satisfy their partner in bed. Being able to achieve a solid erection is not only desirable by men, but women also want men with a good sexual health. Without a solid erection, you will face problems during sexual intercourse. Furthermore, it will also lead to marital problems. The study shows that sexual dysfunctions among male play a more important part than sexual dysfunctions among women in creating marital...

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