Author: Sarah Domeier

Planning a Getaway to Melbourne, Australia

  In many parts of the U.S., spring and summer months mark the season of road trips and vacations. Whether you’ve been putting your money aside for a trip for awhile or have just started the brainstorming process, why not travel to some place you’ve never been, like Melbourne, Australia? Here are some tips to help you plan your trip to Melbourne: Selecting the Time of Year Some travel experts believe that the best time to visit Melbourne is somewhere between March and May or September and November. The temperatures are moderate, the crowds of fellow tourists are smaller,...

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Vacation Planning Tips for Families of Children with Special Needs

  Planning a family vacation, whether it’s a day trip or a road trip across state lines, can take a lot of work and preparation, even more so if you have a child with special needs. Many families of children with special needs fear that traveling is too much work or just isn’t possible. Others are disheartened by the lack of inclusive activities for children. Some parents have had bad experiences while others are simply too overwhelmed by the thought of travel planning. Every family deserves to go on vacation, regardless of the length and location. A family trip...

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8 Reasons to Avoid Getting a DUI

It’s never safe or wise to get behind the wheel of your car after you’ve been drinking alcohol. Whether you’ve had one glass of wine or 3 “birthday” shots with a couple of friends, it’s not worth the risk. Despite state laws prohibiting driving while under the influence of alcohol, thousands of drivers drive after consuming alcohol every year, which can result in a DUI conviction or worse, a fatal alcohol-related accident. As if the thought of either one isn’t bad enough, here are some reasons to avoid getting a DUI: A DUI Stays on Your Driving Record A...

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Some Things You Should Know When Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

  Whether you live in a small town or a big city, you’re likely to share the road with a large truck or two during your commute. Although driving next to or behind a truck that is twice or three times the size of your car can be a little daunting and even annoying at times, the trucking industry is invaluable. Without 18-wheelers on the road, we’d be without our groceries, household items, and even all of our “luxury” things. That said, sharing the road with large trucks can be dangerous at times. Here are some tips for staying...

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Is Your “Drinking in Moderation” Becoming Too Much?

  Drinking alcohol is socially acceptable and even encouraged among adults across the U.S. Although it is unlawful for minors to drink alcohol, many adolescents give into peer pressure or experiment with alcohol well before their 21st birthday. Many adults never engaged in binge drinking while others “got it out of the way” and now drink in moderation. Moderation means different things to many people, but if you don’t have a handle on how much you consume, it can be hazardous to your health. Here are the guidelines for moderation and how to maintain a “healthy moderation” lifestyle: “Everything...

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