Author: Rachelle Wilber

4 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Bright Lights

You’ve always known that staring directly into the sun was a bad idea, since it can damage your eyes within just a few minutes. Protecting your eyes from other bright lights, however, is equally important. If you’re ready to start protecting your eyes, try these four strategies for avoiding overexposure to bright lights. Darken Your Sunglasses The darker your sunglasses are, the better they will protect your eyes from bright lights, from the light of the sun or reflected light to other bright light sources. Many times, people choose their sunglasses because of the way the color looks. Brown...

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Inviting Environment: How to Make Your Home a Welcome Place to Be

Recently, you received a job offer you couldn’t refuse. Unfortunately, accepting this position required you to move your family for the fifth time in the past six years. Due to a lack of desirable homes for sale in your new location, you moved your family into a fixer-upper. While your new place is spacious, it lacks charm and character. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following ways to make your home a welcome place to be.   Paint Interior Walls   One of the easiest ways to transform the look of a home is to paint...

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Online VS on Campus: Contrasting Benefits and Differences

Adults have different needs and wants when it comes to pursuing higher education. Some people crave the in-person contact with their professors and classmates. Others prefer the flexibility and distance that comes with online learning. You can make your own decision about how you want to pursue your education by comparing and contrasting online and campus learning. There are many differences in between these two, so be mindful of your preferences when deciding which route to take.   The Benefits of On-Campus Learning   People who take on-campus courses receive face-to-face instruction and also enjoy personal interactions with classmates....

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How to Start Your Marriage Out on the Right Foot

With minimal effort, your new mate carries you across the threshold of the home the two of you will share. Starry eyed, you can’t stop thinking about the amazing, honeymoon trip that just ended. If you’re a newlywed, you likely desire to start your marriage out on the right foot. To accomplish this important task, consider the following tips.   Show Appreciation Before marriage, future spouses often compliment each other profusely. For instance, a guy might tell his fiancée how beautiful she looks on a daily basis. Or, a woman may always praise her future husband for paying for...

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Young Risk-takers: How to Parent a Daredevil Child

Daredevil children don’t have to be an accident waiting to happen. We can find ways to reach our thrill seekers and channel their energy. We simply need to learn how to talk to them, engage them and guide them. In no time, our daredevils are confident, successful go-getters with a bright future. Reasoning VS Lecturing One of the first lessons we learn as parents is children need structure and stability. Daredevil children are no different, although we need to rethink our approach when they misbehave. Lecturing a risk-taking child is a waste of time, particularly when they aren’t apt...

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