Author: Rachelle Wilber

Young Risk-takers: How to Parent a Daredevil Child

Daredevil children don’t have to be an accident waiting to happen. We can find ways to reach our thrill seekers and channel their energy. We simply need to learn how to talk to them, engage them and guide them. In no time, our daredevils are confident, successful go-getters with a bright future. Reasoning VS Lecturing One of the first lessons we learn as parents is children need structure and stability. Daredevil children are no different, although we need to rethink our approach when they misbehave. Lecturing a risk-taking child is a waste of time, particularly when they aren’t apt...

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How to Set Yourself up For Success in Family Life

The idea of family life has changed drastically in the last few decades. While some families still mirror the image that was depicted on television shows like Leave It to Beaver or the Brady Bunch, many modern families have a different makeup. Yet, all families strive for the same thing, which is to create an environment where all the family members can be happy and successful. Much of a family’s future happiness is dependent on the steps that future parents take to prepare. Set Yourself up Emotionally for Family Success More than anything, a family is an environment where...

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