Author: Rachelle Wilber

4 Simple Ways Your Family Can Pay It Forward and Teach Your Kids Philanthropy

Philanthropy is simply voluntarily doing something to promote the welfare of another. Before the Great Depression that began in 1929, social welfare was largely assisted by individual and small group efforts. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal that began in 1933 included several social programs including Social Security. Though government has largely taken on the burden of ensuring for the public welfare, it is good to participate in acts of philanthropic kindness as individuals and families. Here are four ways to teach your kids philanthropy. Volunteer to Serve Food Almost every region has what is called a soup kitchen. These...

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Unique Concrete Design Ideas for Your Home

No matter what part of the country you live in, concrete designs are quickly become a lasting trend for all ranges of outdoor spaces. Just think of the possibilities. You can use concrete today to design concrete outdoor flooring, concrete patios in the front or back, entryways, decks for a pool, and so much more. Consider a few unique designs for your home that make creative use of concrete and your home will thank you. Stamped Concrete Outside Stamped concrete is also often referred to as concreted that has been textured or imprinted. Many times, rollers imprinted with designs...

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The Difference between Public and Private Schools

There are some significant differences between public and private schools beyond the standard understanding of how they are funded. Many people see particular strengths and weaknesses in both types of school, but parents often make decisions on where their children will attend school based on curriculum and learning philosophy when they have personal financial resources that enable them to send their child to a private school. Issues such as exposure to certain elements of society can also have a major impact on a final decision. But first, it is best to understand the differences between the types of schools....

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Winter Heating Options and Ideas for Frugal Families

For as long as anybody can remember, humans have been trying to figure out the cheapest and most effective methods of staying warm in winter. Oftentimes it was a matter of life and death. Heating a home in cold weather is always going to cost, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Make Sure Your Home Is Sealed Trying to heat a house that’s improperly sealed is an expensive exercise in futility, since precious heat is escaping outdoors and costing you money. Search for air leaks and seal the home with caulk and weather strip. Making sure your...

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Selling Your Home? Tools and Tips to Keep it Simple

Home sellers, particularly those who are selling for the first time, typically find the whole process mentally and emotionally draining. Throughout the selling process, there are a multitude of decisions that sellers can find confusing or details that sometimes create unexpected challenges or delays. Pricing correctly, conducting repairs, and investing in marketing, are just some of the more common considerations that sellers face. If you are getting ready to sell your home, go over these tools and tips listed below and make your selling process easier to navigate. Know the Market Pricing is the decision that creates the most...

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