Author: Rachelle Wilber

Dreamy Teens: How to Teach Your Kid Focus and Determination in Life

The transition from childhood to adulthood often leaves teens feeling unsettled and awkward. It can be a time of uncertainty and feeling torn between two very different worlds and expectations. While peers have a lot of influence during these years, parents also hold prominent influence. Seize the opportunity to guide your teen safely and positively through the experience. Read on for some helpful suggestions. Encourage Your Teen to Use a Journal Journaling allows teens the chance to clear their minds and to reflect on feelings and experiences. It also offers the opportunity to articulate and record goals, as well...

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How Can Parents Make Oral Health Fun and Interesting to Kids?

As adults, we know the importance of taking care of our teeth. Imparting that same knowledge to our children, however, can be a daunting task at times. In order to get our little ones to make oral health a priority, we often need to find ways to spice up the process a bit. Consider the following four ways that parents can make oral health fun and interesting to kids. This is advice that can really make a positive difference! Create Some Energy Children like to be active. Brushing and flossing simply does not fit into this mindset. Make this...

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Improve Your Spring Home Decor with a Few Simple Modifications

When you are tired of the deep, dark hues of winter, you can make a few updates around your home. These improvements to your home’s decor will boost the aesthetic appeal of each room. You may also find that your mood lightens and improves as you make changes to the colors, lighting and decorations that surround the spaces where you spend the most time. Let the Light In In many places, winter days are dark, but the sunlight returns in the spring. Remove the heavy drapes that you hung for the winter. Just leave the sheers or swap out...

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Worthwhile Wisdom: How to Teach Your Children Valuable Lessons

Being a parent means constantly imparting wisdom onto your kids. Being who they are, your kids may need regular reinforcement of these important lessons. You can also employ other adults of influence in your child’s life, including their aunts, uncles and grandparents. As you raise your children, keep these four important lessons in mind. Raising children is not an easy task, but it is definitely worth it. Tell the Truth Honesty is one of the most important life lessons to teach your child. Teaching honesty should start from an early age, beginning when your child tries to deflect blame...

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How to Effectively Defend Yourself Against a DWI Charge in the Courtroom

If you are charged with a DWI, you could lose your license, lose your job or lose your freedom. However, there are many defenses to such a charge, and those defenses may allow you to either win your case or obtain a plea deal. What are some of the most effective defenses against a drunk driving charge? Contest the Legality of a Traffic Stop Drivers who were pulled over prior to being charged with DWI may claim that the traffic stop was illegal because there was no probable cause. Probable cause means that an officer saw a car speeding...

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