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Newborn Care – Tips for stressed out parents

A newly born child in the family brings a great deal of joy and excitement. But it can also be a stressful period if you are the parent. There are a number of things that will preoccupy your mind. If you are a new parent, it can be even more stressful for you. Your mind will be constantly on many things. Your baby will keep you awake and even the slightest cough can send you into frenzy. Small health issues like rashes may occur or it could be something more serious like colic or fever. Your baby will definitely...

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Safe and Healthy Lifestyle Plan for Working Womens

Working women are seen to be procrastinated when it comes to healthy lifestyle plan. Working women are busy managing office work and household chores so much that they keep their health at stake. A simple and healthy diet works for all types of women from working to menopausal women. However, the eating standards also rely on age and lifestyle. Following a diet plan seems boring and monotonous to everyone. Nutritionists recommends to adapt eating healthy as a lifestyle instead of sticking to a diet chart. None of the foods can alone make you go on unhealthy or unfit side rather culprit...

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Vision Correction: Symptoms and Possible Treatments

Normal vision is a sign of healthy eyes. Any disturbance in the structure or normal physiological function of eyes will lead to changes in the vision. The cornea, iris, lens and retina of eyes, along with a nerve running within the structure of the eye known as optic nerve together perform the function of normal vision. Any of these could sustain damage and thus affect vision. Vision correction involves treating the symptoms and causes of the disturbance. Since the causes are various, treatment methods are also varied. Vision correction could be done medically or surgically. Choice of treatment depends...

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Crossed Eye Types, Causes and Treatment

Crossed eye types are scientifically termed as Squint or Strabismus. This is a condition that emerges because of an inadequate balance of the muscles that facilitate eye movement, faulty nerve signals to the eye muscles and focusing problems. If the condition occurs out of balance, the eye may turn in (converge), turn out (diverge) or sometimes turn up or down, hindering the eyes from functioning properly together. Causes of Squint: 1. Congenital squint Heredity is one of the major causes for crossed eyes. When a baby is born with a squint, the condition may not be noticeable for a...

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How Does Smoking Affect Your Eyes?

We are all aware that smoking causes harm to every organ of our body – including our eyes. It may come as a surprise to some as we tend to associate lung problems and oral cancers as the more common manifestations of smoking. But our vision can also be affected by smoking. Smokers are at a higher risk of many visual problems. However, even passive smoking and exposure to environmental smoke can also increase susceptibility amongst non smokers. Exposure to passive smoking and environmental smoke can also be very toxic. Cigarette smoking contains many active compounds specially carbon monoxide...

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