Author: Kathy Mitchell

Signs Of Premature Aging Skin You Need To Be Aware Of

Aging is a natural part of life. People expect to experience signs of aging later on in their life when they are 40-60 years old. And no matter how much they pray hard to avoid it, they know that it is inevitable. If you are one of those people who feel that they are not lucky enough to avoid signs of aging, you should actually feel good about yourself. Why? Well, that’s because there are people who have it much harder than you. How? Well, some people fall victim to aging at an early age, around 20 to 30...

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What You Should Always Do Before going to Bed for Healthy Skin

  Skin care specialists are always warning us about the dangers of going to bed without washing our face, and for good a reason.  During our sleep, skin cells regenerate the quickest, so it only makes sense to keep it healthy by giving it some TLC before hitting the sack. Whether you suffer from sensitive, dry, oily or normal skin, clean skin is essential to keep the skin soft. Additionally, ingredients that help the skin’s luster are key to rejuvenate the complexion. A night time routine also ensures that your skin is continually properly hydrated and clear. After a...

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Must Have These Spring Break Style Clothes And Dresses

The spring and summer season is just around the corner. The outfits for this season become sheerer, skimpier, breezier and even more casual. Make sure you shop early for style cloths and dresses for the season. Purpose to look fresh gorgeous with the following must have spring break styles clothes and dresses. The list works for all lifestyle, body types, budgets and all ages. Choose the version that works best for you and wear it your way. Altuzarra Mesilla Ruffled This is one of the perfect spring break style clothe. It is a runway ivory silk Mesilla dress. It...

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Things You Need To Know Before You Use Any Product

The beauty industry is one of the most advanced industries around the world. There are many products used to enhance our beauty being launched today. However, not all of these products are essential or have the same effect across the body. There are factors or elements that differentiate them and that make them effective, suitable or efficient for as an individual and if used similarly by another, can result in adverse side effects. This is why you need to be well informed before making any form of purchase ranging from foundations for your makeup to exfoliation products for your...

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How to Get That Perfect Skin Glow to Look Marvelous

If you’re stuck in a beauty rut, you’re probably missing out on all the new tips and tricks emerging in the beauty world. We’re not talking about impossible contouring or strange-sounding techniques like strobing and the like. We’re talking about beauty tips and tricks that will fresh up your look, get rid of oily skin and make you a stunner in real life and photos as well. Make sure to follow these simple bits of advice to look great every time. 1. Contour the easy way Let’s face it; nobody has time to contour their face every single day....

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