Author: Julie Lord

Should I Bother Saving Money With Interest Rates So Low?

Interest rates on savings are historically low so it can seem that saving money is just not worth it when the interest earned will be negligible for small amounts of savings. Many people think they might just as well live for the now and spend what spare money they have. However, saving money is a good life habit to build for the future and it doesn’t have to restrict the fun you have today if your spending and saving are properly planned. Here are some good reasons to save as much as you can even though interest rates on...

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Why your flooring matters – no matter what house you live in

When it comes to the design of our homes, one of the things we tend to overlook is the flooring. We spend ages choosing soft furnishings and picking a colour for the walls, but choosing flooring can often be a rushed decision. However, it is a decision that should actually be considered very carefully, as the flooring you choose will have a massive impact on your home. Read on to discover more about why your flooring matters. Where to start There is only one place to begin, and this is with the impression that your flooring makes. If you...

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SMEs need to get project management right from the off

You may be mistaken for believing that project management is just for big companies, and that project management training is simply for those that work at big firms. However, this could not be further from the truth. Project management is just as important for small businesses, and it is something they need to get right from the very beginning. Read on to discover everything you need to know. There are many benefits associated with adopting a project management solution in the beginning. This includes the fact that you will find it much easier to collaborate and to manually track...

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Top 7 Fun Storage Hacks for Kids Bedrooms

Organising your kids’ bedroom can be a massive task, especially when they have more toys then you can manage or when siblings are sharing a room. Arranging your kids’ bedroom can be made much easier however with some sort of storage system or self storage units. Below, I have outlined the top ten most fun, ingenious hacks that will make a real difference to your child’s room, and your sanity!   1. Organised Lego Storage If you have boys, well, if you have kids really, you most likely have Lego! And as fun as it is for your kids,...

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Discover some top tips for managing project costs

Budget management is something that all project managers need to master if they are going to be effective in their role. There is nothing worse than finding out that you have spent more than you should have. And, if it is one thing that stakeholders hate, it is spending more than they had bargained for. Below, we are going to reveal some top tips for managing project costs to give you a helping hand.   Plan for future resources – It is vital to keep track of the resources you use. For example, if you use contractors throughout the...

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Would Your Parents Help You Buy A Property?

  In a generation of renters and rising house prices, it is hard for many young people to get on the property ladder. Sometimes the only option is for parents to help out with the deposit.   Currently, the property market is pretty strong in the UK, with many first-time purchases being made with the help of parents who want to see their adult children get onto the property ladder before prces rise even more and become more out of reach. In 2016 it is thought that in the UK parents lent £5bn for property purchases for their offspring....

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