Author: Jane Collins

Tips On How To Judge Distances Without A Golf Rangefinder

The coming of the rangefinder for golf is one of the best things to have ever happened to the sport as it makes things easy for golfers when on the course. However, most professional tournaments and tours around the world still do not allow golfers to use them. Most pros do not have an issue with this because they can estimate the distances accurately without using any device. But for beginners, things are not always easy, and so even with the advancement in technologies, it is still essential to know how to judge distances without a golf rangefinder. Here...

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5 Vital Diet Tips For Healthy Pregnancy

Motherhood is a journey that begins long before you give birth. What this means is that you start taking care of your child in the very first month of your pregnancy. The best and most productive way to ensure that you take good care of the fetus is by developing and maintaining a healthy diet. For most ladies, pregnancy means that they have to increase the amount of food that they eat because they will be eating for two. But, there is way much more to pregnancy diet than eating for two. And to make sure that you give...

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Eight Surprising Ways To Stay Healthy 

We all want or at least hope to become and stay healthy, but the fact is only a few of us are successful. Whether you are on a weight loss program, exercise daily, or are very keen with what you eat you cannot always be sure of a healthy body. But, there is still some hope as there are some simple things that you can do to achieve and maintain the health that you always desire.Here are the 8 surprising ways to stay healthy. #1 Start the Day with Coffee Most people always launch their day with a hot...

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