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The Distress Of Divorce: How To Keep Your Kids Safe

Close to 2,400 marriages end every day in the United States, according to statistics from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While divorce may be defined as the end of a marriage between two people, if there are children involved, it’s much more than that.  Luckily when it comes to things like this you can always seek help from professionals, such as those with Janet P. Welton, P.A. That way you can make sure that your kids are getting justice and the help that they need. Little can cause as much emotionally trauma for children than seeing their...

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4 Keys to Planning an Unforgettable London Family Vacation

Image Source: Flickr London is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. You can explore historic sites, enjoy all kinds of entertainment and lots more. If you’re planning a London vacation, it’s important to plan carefully so that you choose the best itinerary for your needs. The following are four keys to planning the perfect London vacation for your family. Decide When to Go The first step in planning your London trip is to choose the season and dates. There really is no bad time to visit London, as there are exciting things to do...

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4 Creative Ways You Can Give Your Teenage Boy a Present

Image Source: Shutterstock It’s been said that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. A prime example of this truth involves the relationship between a parent and a child. A child may love to receive from their parents, but there’s nothing more a parent longs to do than share love and happiness with their own children. As your teenage boy grows up, you’ll want to find creative ways to express your love and appreciation to them. Try one of these four ways to bestow a gift. 1. A Cash Register/Dresser In the bedroom, most kids have a dresser...

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Car Enthusiast? Four Must-Haves For Your Garage

Image Source: Pixabay If you’re someone who would rather spend time in the garage with your car instead of indoors, you’re probably a bit of an enthusiast. When you’re spending that much time in a space, you want it to be suited to your needs and wants. Turn your garage from an empty or cluttered storage spot to your personal man-cave with these four garage must-haves for any car fanatic.   Adequate Lighting A single light in the middle of your garage does little to provide enough light for all areas, especially when you need to get down on the...

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4 Field Trips Your Kids Will Never Stop Talking About

Image Source: Depositphotos Announce there will be a field trip to a group of students and you’ll likely hear a satisfying roar of excitement. For students, field trips are an opportunity to get out of the confines of school premises and learn through hands-on experience in unexplored territory. Not all field trips are created equally, so here are four that are sure to have your kids forever reminiscing about. Amusement Parks It may be hard to fathom what lessons could possibly come from an amusement park visit, but they do indeed exist. The lesson actually begins at home with...

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