Author: Ajeet Singh

The Popular Myths of Bodybuilding Supplements – Busted

Bodybuilding enthusiasts from all around the world know that the secret to success has no hard and fast rule; building a body requires time and effort, and is made of sweat and blood and at times, injury. However, for newcomers to the field and enthusiasts around, consistency and balance is often overlooked and false advertisement is often adopted. When these supplement advertisements fail to live up to their descriptions, builders get discouraged and the art of bodybuilding is no longer their passion. Supplements that do work are often termed as dangerous and unnecessary, and the truth is far from...

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Working out Boosters to Improve Your Health

Google Glass is a type of technology that is wearable and is mounted on the head, featuring an optical display which gives information and data to the person wearing it in a smartphone like and hands-free manner. Almost all of the technologies that are available in smartphones today are present in this new technology called Google Glass, (Wi-Fi, voice activation, Bluetooth, cameras, etc.).  The main difference is that how we are going to relate to this new invention when all these attributes are present in our peripheral vision.  Below is an outline of how the Google Glass has transformed...

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How to Get Online Advice to Improve Your Relationship?

Real friendship is hard to find these days. It seems like nobody genuinely cares, everyone wants something in return, you just don’t know who to confide your problems to, and who to turn to when you desperately need some relationship advice. Hence, due to the lack of sincere friends and support, you suffer from loneliness, anxiety, which, if persists for a longer period of time could turn into a depression. If you are someone who is suffering in silence or feeling lonely in a relationship or want to get into a relationship. Then the good news is, there is...

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Protein is important for the growth and development of muscles in Children, teens and pregnant women. Every cell in the human body contains protein. It is required to repair and generate new cells in the body. Protein is essential especially when we are stressed out to recoup. Normally the body gets most of its energy from carbohydrates and when you drastically get off Carbohydrates. Your body begins to burn its own fat for fuel. When your fat begins to burn you tend to lose weight. This high protein low carbs diet has both positive and negative aspects. However the...

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