Jewellery world over has always been based on ethnicity. Each region has different Jewellery traditions. In the western countries women prefer to wear rings and earrings and plain chains and have an affinity to 18K, 14K yellow and white gold or platinum.

However, this trend changes when you take Asian communities and Middle East into consideration where woman tend to wear heavy jewellery. When it comes to jewellery, apart from cultural affinities we also experience religious affinities in few places.

On a bigger picture Indian Jewellery also has multiple variations. Styles that are region specific example Kundans and Meenakari works are predominant in areas of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Bikaner while Jadau craftsmanship is brought to India by Mughals, it is also famous in these areas and spread to Gujrat as well. Jadau items are usually designed in the form of wide chokers, distributed from the neck to collar bone. They carry an element of finesse and one can find a trail of nobility in these Jewellery pieces. Meenakri on the other hand is 100% authentic Jaipur work.

Towards the central and Eastern India, plain gold is preferred over stone or any other workmanship. Sothern India on the other hand has altogether different tastes; they prefer the heavy temple, antique workmanship Jewellery along with the love for gemstones.  Hence, one can find a lot of Jewellery preferences in India.

Traditional Blend

India is also a home to rich traditional jewellery and Indians like to flaunt heavy jewellery on majority of their occasions. One such traditional item is the gold Haram, they are come in different styles and designs. One can look for gold Haram designs with price online and check for all the latest collections. Here are a few types of Gold Harams:

Diamond Haram: Diamond Haram are best described as ethereal pieces as they carry the glitter of the occasion. They best fit with a Kanjeevaram saree where in diamond Harams would bring out the beauty of the adorner in the most fascinating way.The backdrop designs of a diamond haram are usually filled with florals, bold mesh designs and intricate handiwork of Karigars.

Antique Haram: Antique harams are another jewellery supplements that completes the look. Bridal antique harams are fast gaining popularity for their contemporary design and for the charm they bring out while worn. The beauty of antique harams is brought out by the oxidization which gives it a relic look.

Temple Haram: Bring home the ancient sculptures through our temple harams. Jewellery editions which you can’t afford to miss are now available online with us. Shop from the comfort of your home for temple harams and bring home the pleasure of a handmade item. Temple harams are chiselled to perfection by the most experienced Karigars for months together; hence every piece is made as an epitome of art.

Another traditional item is the Vanki orBajubandh (often called in North India). You can also shop for Vanki designs online at Vaibhav Jewellers. They come in adjustable sizes, precious, Ruby-Emerald, diamonds and other gemstones also. They are traditionally worn during major occasions such as wedding and other functions preceding the wedding.

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