The railroad system is the main component of the rail transportation systems. Rail auger track includes various raw materials to be used in the construction of the railway tracks which includes the improvement of both the nation based and the exported products. These are mostly made in remote locations which pose as a great threat to the contractors and make it difficult for them to implement things. They have to fulfill various protocol related to the railways in order to adhere with them during the phase of constructions. One of the main contracts was to perform auger bores under the already existing tracks and to install the steel casing there to span the second new line. This was a great challenge as the railway lines were working and were active. Timing and train schedule were to be give due importance to ensure everything was done right and there is no issue while implementation.

The bores were to be completed in massive sand conditions that were the major threat in implementation. This concept is also called as horizontal earth boring and jack and bore. This involves mechanical removal of soil while cutting heads and augers. Under this the soil cutting head is fixed and attached to the front of a flight of augers. Then the soil cuttings are removed by the power devices by turning couple of auger together. The casing is jacked without the rotation. There are 2 main factors in this. They are as follows:

  • Torque: this helps to rotate the augers and then turn the cutting head. This also helps to create a power source.
  • Thrust: this helps to push the pipe into the thrust hole. These both should be carefully and closely monitored.

There are 2 types of boring systems. They have been mentioned as:

  • Track: this is the most commonly used method in the civil engineering.
  • Cradle: this can be used where there is adequate area available around the launch area.

The major components include the track system, boring machine and the cutting head along with augers. The optional components include lubrication systems, grade control heads and the water level indicators. This whole operation is completed by launching in a pit. The augers are added after a length of auger as prescribed is installed. This requires carefully constructing the pit and the boring.  The thrust is made by the rams which are located at the back of boring machine in which the one end it attached to it. The other end is attached to the lugs that are attached to the track system. The track gets a thrust capability that works by pushing off the block of thrust. The lubrication system is used to minimize the jacking thrust and to help in soil cutting and transportation. One has to check on underground facilities before starting with the excavation. One must also check the soil stability in terms of resistance of thrust and weight of track and pipes. The rail track auger drill is the major component of the equipment used in the whole process.