People stay confused when selling or donating their vehicle to a junkyard or a shelter. It’s obvious that they have usual questions in their mind regarding the money they will get after selling their scrap metal, what procedure to follow?, How to trust the scrapyard and the price they are offering? etc.

To answer all these queries, we have selected few important questions that people ask before selling their vehicle to scrap yards. Let’s what are they and answer them one by one:-

Question:  How should I sell my car to a scrapyard?

Answer: Usually, all the scrap yards follow a similar procedure, that is:-

  • Once you call them to take a look at the vehicle, they’ll confirm the time and place they’ll be visiting you.
  • You should have all the required and relevant documents with you such as vehicle’s owner papers, when you bought it, insurance papers, etc. You can also enquire about the material from the scrapyard.
  • Once they have gone through all the documentation, they’ll see if there is a part missing – if yes then they’ll provide you an estimated value. But if the car is intact, they’ll weigh it, and the price will be decided according to the weight of the vehicle.
  • You can tell them if you want to get it towed away or you’ll drive it to the scrapyard.
  • As the vehicle is delivered to the scrap yard, you’ll receive the money immediately.

Question: What all vehicles do they accept?

Answer: There are no such criteria for vehicles and their brands – scrap yard companies allow all type of vehicles ranging from car, motorcycles, bicycles, scooter, etc.

Question: I don’t have the keys to the car, is it ok?

Answer: Yes. Since most of the car reaches the end of their lives and won’t be driven again, scrap yards don’t ask for keys. However, you should have proper documents with you to prove the ownership of the vehicle. Without the papers and keys, scrap yard firms will not accept the car at any cost.

Question: If I want you to pick up my car today itself, is it possible?

Answer: scrapyards agree to the deal if you confirm all the documents online or on call. But if you’re not sure of the documents, you’ll need to call them for an inspection. First, Your best bet would be to ask them the inspect the vehicle and take it right away. Some scrap yards agree to, and some refuse in the face.

Question: How do the scrap yard pay the value of the vehicle?

Answer: Once they confirm the documents and the weight of the vehicle, they’ll either pay you cash or a cheque. It depends on business to business. However, you can confirm the procedure on the phone beforehand.

Question: Do I need to be there at the time of pickup?

Answer: people don’t have time, they are either in an office or out of the station when people come for pickup. In such cases, you can leave a person behind with all the documents. Also, the person should have a written letter from you confirming the relationship with you.

Question: Do they buy damaged vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, etc.?

Answer: Yes. Scrapyards are known for purchasing damaged cars and other motor vehicles. They offer cash for scrap cars in Auckland, so you don’t have to worry about the vehicle’s current situation.