Arthritis is the painful inflammation of certain joints in the body. People suffering from arthritis experience excruciating pain as a result, which also heightens stress and the possibility various other conditions, both physical and mental.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 23 percent of adults living in the US suffer from arthritis. It’s estimated that by 2040, 26 percent of adults, about 78 million people, will have arthritis. Arthritis is also categorized as the number one cause for disability cases in the US. Considering the high cost of treatment, patients have had to find alternative ways to alleviate arthritis pain conditions; one such way is the use of massage therapy.

Indeed, there is substantial evidence from various studies that have been conducted, proving the significant health benefits related to massage therapy; here a few succinct tidbits of the information gathered from a number of conclusive reports.

Ease Of Inflamed Joints

Research shows that massage therapy can be used to alleviate arthritis pain. Specifically, consistent therapy can lead to improvements in stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints. Suffice it to say, regular massage to inflamed joints and muscles will make you forget your worries and alleviate tension.

Cultivation Of Better Sleep

Sleeping when your body is in pain can be difficult, if not impossible. However, people suffering from arthritis can get better sleep by use of massage therapy. It reduces the pain, relaxes the muscles, while specifically attending to the body’s production of hormones, particularly those that are intimately linked to blood pressure, anxiety, heart rate and other key vital signs – i.e., all the elements that can easily make for a rough and sleepless night.

Anxiety Reduction

When you suffer from a condition that constantly affects your health, it’s easy to suffer from anxiety. Using massage helps in boosting serotonin production, which helps in improving one’s general mood.

No doubt, the decision to get a massage on the Danforth or seek out the perfect registered massage therapist (RMT) for you in the Toronto’s West End will reap many results; wherever you may be in the city, province, or even country, massage therapy is an excellent option for your arthritic ailments – the world of massage therapy is saturated with many different providers and, as such, there is a chance that there is a provider conveniently located near you. It’s, however, important to note that there are different types of massage therapy. Not all types of massage therapy suit your specific needs.

When considering massage therapy treatment, it’s important to consult your physician regarding the best options available to you. Some types of massage require excessive manipulations of pressure points, which may result in severe damage to those with cases of ankylosing or rheumatoid.

It’s important to verify that your registered massage therapist is genuine and has been licensed to work. Qualified therapists can offer you a one-on-one treatment method to suit your unique needs.

Additionally, it’s vital to be open with your therapist and share the intimate details of your condition so they can create a customizable treatment program for you. Even though massage therapies have significant benefits to arthritis patients, it’s important to have your doctor’s approval before seeking out this kind of treatment. In any case, with the ever-increasing number massage therapy providers in both cities and towns alike, finding one that is conveniently located near you shouldn’t be a hassle.

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