Are you looking forward to buy a good brand watch that suits your pocket? Well! If you are out there in the retail market, you will go crazy seeing the range of watches. Many of these watches will neither be branded nor from trustworthy manufacturers. So, no one can guarantee the durability and performance of such watches.

Online shopping for branded watches is the best option to go with whenever you plan to buy a watch. You will find the make, manufacturer, technology, price tags and all related details and specifications. Specifically, if you are in India, you can easily get access to our complete comparative list of watch price in India. This will better guide you in buying the best suited timepiece for you.

Look at these varieties of watches:

  1. Laurels Watches: These watches are perfect casual watches. You can opt for them for weekend outings. These trendy watches are bright in color with straps that match perfectly with any casual attire.
  2. Casio Watches: The elegance of the chronograph watches coupled with their functionality is what makes these timepieces stand out of the crowd. These are versatile in design and go perfectly fine with formal as well as casual wear.
  3. Tommy Hilfiger: You can explore through our collection of Tommy Hilfiger automatic and chronograph watches both for men and women and select from a great variety of dial and strap patterns. These are attractive and trendy looking with exceptional finishing touch timepieces. These have wide variety of designs from white wrist straps with rose gold dials to silver straps and silver metallic tint dials. These are also available in rose gold colored steel dial, black silicon, and a lot more. And the tiny Tommy Hilfiger flag icon inside the dial adds up to its beauty. If you are looking for a trendy watch, then this is a good choice.
  4. Fossil: Fossil watches are vintage-inspired timepieces with modern designs. This brand is inspired by American vintage wear. These watches are specifically created to make fashion statements. Fossil helps you make that first impression on people when they look at you. Swiss craftsmanship is interestingly blended within Fossil watches that result in timeless features and contemporary designs.
  5. Titan: Buying a Titan watch is like living an experience. It is a brand in its own. Titan watches shares 60% of the market share in Indian watch market. It has a huge list of elegant and stylish timepieces that include Steel, Regalia, Raga, Nebula, Sonata, Fastrack, Zoop, Orion, Purple, Obaku, Automatic, Tycoon, Bandhan, Police, Octane, and the HTSE series. If you want to go by trust and name, Titan is the best choice for you.
  6. Timex: Timex is one of the oldest names in digital watch manufacturers. The consumers of Timex watches really appreciate and value the intelligently designed timepieces launched into the market having modern design, unmatched durability, and outstanding performance. Timex brand is now valued more than any other brand or service for the ever pioneering creations. Timex has a range of watches that include Versus, Timex, GC, GUESS, Opex, Versace, Nautica, and Salvatore Ferragamo.
  7. Giordano: Giordano Watches reflect the modern and urban lifestyle of today. These watches are well suited to almost any occasion. Giordano time wears are known for quality workmanship and the technology housing Japanese movements inside the stainless steel and genuine leather structure.  These watches are testaments to the fashion world and have best designs incorporated together. Giordano’s fashion forward styling and designs ensure that its watches are steady, up to date, fresh and in line with the newer generation’s fashion needs and trends. These timepieces project sophistication and urban appearance together without compromising with values for quality and fashion.

Watches reflect a man’s personal style and nature. They symbolize a lot more than just being a timepiece. Watches reveal a person’s sense of taste, personal character and a sense of individual branding. A man’s real expression and likeness of accessories actually helps people to understand his choice and preferences. The branded watches are important means that help express yourself. In fact, a thorough understanding of these luxury watches will make you realize your own artistic viewpoint. So, do a bit of research before you go for one.