Hobbies are a constructive way to help you unwind and reduce stress. They enable you to do something interesting and rewarding while teaching skills and knowledge. While there are many hobbies, those related to history can be especially meaningful. If you want an enjoyable hobby that will also keeps your mind sharp, here are four options you should consider.

1. Buy Antiques

Antique items are a part of history that you can actually hold in your hand. For some they’re great collectibles with a history of their own, but for others antique items are investments to be bought and sold, or even a full-time trade. Every town has at least one antique shop or two. They’re also easy to buy online these days. Finding a style, period, or type of item that really intrigues you could lead to years of enjoyment.

However, many people actually get their antiques in the form of heirlooms. If you have older relatives that have any antique items, you may want to express your interest in them in the hopes that you get them in their will. Of course, that would be only appropriate if you had a really good relationship with that relative.

Otherwise, another idea that you could go with to acquire antique items would be to start shopping around at garage sales. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, right? In this case, very much so! Some people may have inherited items that have no significant emotional value to them, and so they want to get rid of them. To you, though, those items may be very valuable in terms of historical significance or monetary worth. Don’t expect to go to just one garage sale and find a mountain of antiques. It may take some digging around through sale piles at many garage sales before finding an antique that interests you.

2. Relive History

This is almost literally reliving history. History buffs will dress up in period costumes to relive historical battles or events for the pure fun and spectacle of it. Living historians are those who create period settings, such as colonial or medieval times, complete with authentic furniture, handicrafts, tools, and other items to recreate a period of history. This is meant to both entertain and educate visitors, such as at an historic site or museum exhibit. Either way, it’s a fun, immersive experience you can enjoy over and over again.

3. See the Sites

There are probably historic sites or monuments within driving distance of where you live. The next time you plan a road trip with the kids, locate an historic site near you. You can check with your county or state historical registries, or look up something interesting on the federal National Register of Historic Places. There is always more to see. Some people get jobs as tour guides so they can come back often.

4. Collect Coins

Governments around the world have been issuing standard coinage since ancient times. The U.S. government has been regularly minting some very beautiful and collectible coins. Each is a small piece of art from a specific period, whether it’s Morgan silver dollars from the Wild West or pure gold bullion. Some respected, long-established coin dealer stores, like Harlan J. Berk, LTD, are veritable coin museums where you can find a wide variety of rare and valuable treasures.

If you have an interest in history, you’ll find it all around you. Just one small purchase or discovery can bring a lifetime of rewards.