The other day I was going through the list of games that I could download from the play store and when the scroll would just not end, I learnt how crowded the app store has become over the recent years.I was caught between a rock and a hard place when it came to choosing the best game. A gaming app is one of the best breeding grounds for all the youngsters who find solace in their new friend – ‘Technology’.

Why are there so many games being developed? Why people are getting addicted to games and what adversities does this bring in one’s life?

Well, read on to get to the answers of the above-mentioned questions.

Some interesting statistics:

Let us start this with some really interesting statistics and facts that is sure to entice you to go further with how the games are making a difference in the world of technology.

=> According to a recent report, the worldwide gaming industry has hit a revenue of approximately $28,150 million dollars in the year 2017.

=> The number of mobile app downloads, worldwide has been rounded off to an approximate figure of 149.3 billion where it has been expected to reach $352.9 billion by the year 2021. Moreover, the very famous game – ‘Angry Birds’, make approximately $1.825 billion each year.

=> In one of the recent statistics, it has been reported that too much of games on the digital platform has been one of the primary reasons for depression, anxiety and poor grades.

=> These were the statistics that pointed out that playing mobile games cause less harm than watching TV for the youngsters. On the contrary, some reports even suggested that playing games brought in some changes to the brains where the prefrontal cortex, right hippocampus and cerebellum witnessed come positive changes.

Are Games turning our Brains?

The best iOS game development company or rather the entire genre of game development companies are putting in their blood and sweat to make games less destructive and more constructive in nature. So how does playing games affect one’s mind?

Games that arrest the attention of the audiences plays a major role in getting to the core of the matter. Playing quality games targets the reward system of the brain injecting a chunk of dopamine increasing the happy hormones in our body. Once the brain registers the fact that the game is capable enough to insulate the dopamine level, it sends a signal to the body to do the activity that once set the dopamine to high levels. If you refrain from playing the game, your dopamine levels could drop down resulting in depression, isolation, restlessness and mood swings – that which negates the productivity of the person. It creates an air of euphoria.

One of the main reasons that encourage people to play games is that it is a great stimulator as well as stress reliever. People are constantly into the gaming mode to get out the stress levels that when intervened with the progress might affect a person’s mental alertness. ‘It instantly lifts my mood and proves to be a great tool to kill time’ – says one of the youngsters pursuing computer engineering.

There are games that affect the well-being of our brains and hence games should not be completely stricken out from one’s life. Just grab your mobile phone and get going with your favorite mobile games. It won’t cost you an arm or a leg. All you need to have is the internet connection and the space to download and let the game do the talking.

The challenges of the perfect gaming app:

Life is nothing but an ocean of opportunities, where a human being puts in their blood and sweat to grab the opportunity. People often segregate opportunities into the good and the bad, but in reality, it all depends on what we perceive them to be. One such opportunity that a mobile game developer tries to figure out with some of the games that are never less than optimum. It sometimes hits the right target, but sometimes misses out on certain essential criteria.

Here are the three important criteria that when properly fulfilled can gain the much-awaited response from the audiences:

=> The taste and preference of the audience
=> How well can it be elucidated to the audience
=> To what extent it manages to hold the audience’s attention
=> Apart from this it is the experience that a developer has that clears hie path to creating a game that could get to the nerves.

Final Note:

When it comes to creating an affable mobile game people look forward to getting help from the best iOS game development company and many such game development companies specialized in different mobile operating systems. It has been observed that all the free to play games have almost stomped upon the growth of pay per download games. Everything in excess leads to destruction, so is the case with this technical invention. When it comes to beating stress, games – more specifically mobile games, are one of the bankable tools that I have ever come across. Playing games should be treated just like every other technical instrument – where its use should be restricted to less than optimum.