If you have been wearing glasses for a while then making the move to contact lenses is quite a big change. For new glasses wearers, contacts maybe something you are considering right off the bat as getting used to wearing glasses every day is a big change too.

Ultimately, wearing contact lenses in London involves putting foreign object in your eyes on a daily basis. While there are plenty of positives and negatives regarding contact lenses, they are not for everyone.

Contact lenses are a big investment whether you decide to go for daily disposable lenses or lenses which are replaced monthly and so you should consider whether they are the right choice for you before shelling out on a full course of lenses which could be a waste of money if you then realise they are not the right option for you.

Taking Your Lifestyle Into Consideration

People who lead active lifestyles may find that contact lenses represent the best choice for corrective eyewear for them. Contact lenses do not get in the way during sporting or recreational activities nor do they need removing prior to sports or risk being knocked off, leaving the wearer unable to see clearly, as could be the case with glasses. If your lifestyle sees you always on the go and doing plenty of physical activity such as sports or if your job is a very physical job then contact lenses may be the perfect solution for you.

However, contact lenses should always be removed at night and either thrown away and replaced the next day if they are dailies or washed and sterilised if they are not disposables. If your lifestyle sees you regularly stay away from home or up late at night then this process may not fit in with your lifestyle and for the sake of your eye health, glasses may be a better option for you.

Make Sure You Are Happy With Your Appearance

One of the biggest appeals of contact lenses which many people find is that they often don’t like how glasses look on their faces. If you have never needed glasses before, it can be hard to get used to how they look and some people simply don’t think glasses suit them at all. Contact lenses allow your sight to be corrected without the need of glasses so that your appearance isn’t changed at all. Appearance may not be everyone’s deciding factor regarding the choice of glasses or contacts but being happy with the way you look if very important for your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Making Adjustments

If you do decide to choose contact lenses over glasses then you should be aware that there will be an adjustment period within which your eyes will need to get used to having contact lenses in. Older and long use contact lenses can be quite hard and they will take a few weeks to get used to while newer lenses are often softer but there will still be an adjustment period for your eyes to get used to having the lenses in. during this time your eyes may feel dry or irritated but it won’t last long.

If you have never worn glasses before then you will also have an adjustment period to go through where you will need to get used to your new appearance with glasses. You will also need to get used to seeing your glasses frames in your peripheral vision.

Whether or not contact lenses are the right choice for you is entirely personal- everyone is different. The biggest thing you should consider is that you will have to put something in your eyes every day and for some people, that is enough of an issue.

For others though, contact lenses allow them to lead active and physical lives with perfect vision without worrying about glasses at all.