Like Halo, Call of Duty? If so, then Archetype is the right game for you! Archetype is a first-person shooter game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In Archetype teams of up to 5 battle it out to win.


Archetype has 3 different options of play, Team Deathmatch, Challenge, and Training. Team Deathmatch features a classic death match with random people from your region. Challenge gives you the ability to play with people you know. Training gives you the confidence you need to play a Deathmatch. During the game play, with default settings, you are presented with 3 features. A joy sticks on the left for movement, a joystick on the right for aim, and a radar in the middle. The radar in the middle of the screen gives you the location of your enemies and team mates. During the game this comes very handy but sadly not everyone uses it. Both joysticks are there for you just to visualize where you need to move, but when you are in the vicinity of the joystick it still works as if you are using it.

Other features during the gameplay are, the score, health, time remaining, weapons, and other firearms. The score is divided up by a team basis, and if you reach a certain number of kills before time is called it’s Game over. 80% of the time you usually just play until time is up, and another 10% of the time the connection is lost. The health is right below the time and diminishes every time you are shot. If you happen to make it out of the brawl your health will recharge in a few seconds. I personally think that your health diminishes too quickly, as soon someone has found you from behind you hardly have time to turn around.

During the game you will find various weapons sitting above platforms which you can pick up by clicking the palm that comes up when you hover near them.

The graphics of the game are striking, I am using the iPhone 4 to play Archetype and with the Retina display it looks as good as Call of Duty on a PS3 or XBOX 360. The game was also much smoother than I had originally expected. I don’t know whether I would hand the credit over to the A4 processer or the capacity of Archetypes servers. The audible in the game are quite exceptional. Not too gruesome but not to gentle.

The maps in the game are adequate, each one not too large but not too small. I would have to say Wrath is my favorite map though. It features the shelter for recovering your health.

Like all major games there are a few flaws with this game. The re-spawning is worst I have ever seen. When you tap to respawn it brings you up to the closest re-spawning point. Most of the time though the re-spawning point is in the middle of a heat zone. Many times as soon as you spawn you’re dead. Another flaw is the lack of campaign and offline mode. If you just aren’t a big fan of online competition you could not play a campaign. An offline mode would be nice if I’m not connected to a network. I would like the ability to play the game with emulator on PC. One-on-One would be fine with me.

The flaws of the game will soon be overlooked or fixed and I definitely think the game is worth it for the price. It offers real-time action for a tenth of the price. It fits perfectly with the appstore and is no doubt about it my favorite action game. The game is available from the appstore for $2.99.


Try to stay connected to a strong 3G or Wi-Fi network; otherwise your connection will be dropped if you are not.


I recommend this app to anyone who would like the most from a game for the best value.