About Germany

Germany is a European Nation, which is also the most highly populated Nation in Europe. It is known to possess some of the largest assets in the World. For example, Germany is known to be one of the World’s largest car and book producers. Berlin, in Germany, has one of the largest train stations in Europe.  Germany can also be said to be the land of festivals and events, starting with film festivals to wine and pumpkin festival, music and art festival, Christmas festival, it has it all. It has the largest number of zoos in the world, almost more than 400.

Living in Germany

Life of people in Germany is very fast and busy yet very peaceful and corruption free, with clean well-maintained cities. Work policies are too good for employees, and they can securely work without having the risk of being exploited. Companies have a strong HR policy, and employee complaints are taken very seriously. This is one of the strongest reasons why people move to Germany in search of a job. There are separate organizations to take care of employee rights. The Govt of Germany is really aware of these things so that people can live peacefully. Public transport is also very developed in Germany. Most people commute through public transport, as the public transport system maintains punctuality and cleanliness at the same time.

Prerequisites for Foreigners who want to move to Germany

People mainly youngsters and middle-aged group shift to Germany for better job prospects. For them, the prerequisite is to hold a Germany job seeker visa which will allow them to stay in the country for six months for seeking a job. Another important thing to remember while traveling to Germany is to keep cash handy with you since in spite of being a modern and developed country, most of the places do not accept cards. Germans are also quite relaxed and open-minded in terms of dressing. So, we can definitely feel at ease with clothing. Though Germans are not so interactive, that doesn’t mean they are not helpful to strangers. They appreciate making eye contacts and find it to be respectable. Germans do not appreciate a tip at restaurant and other places since the employees are well paid and well treated. So it might be treated as a dishonor on their part. Last but not the least Oktoberfest is the World’s largest beer drinking festival held in Germany. People from across the world participate in the 16-day long festival. The German Govt makes enough provisions to accommodate tourists from across the World, but its best to understand what is safe for us.

Eligibility Of Job Seeker Visa

Not everyone is eligible for applying to a job seeker visa for Germany. Germany skilled job seeker visa has some requirements and eligibility criteria such as:-

Firstly, We need to hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized University.

Secondly, We must submit our bank statements and all other income proofs so as to ensure sufficient availability of funds to stay in Germany. We must also remember that Germany is expensive and staying there might be cost-effective.

Thirdly, we must hold a minimum of 5 years job experience in the field of occupation we are applying for. Although some jobs may require more experience as a necessary criterion for candidates.

Fourthly, we must have medical insurance and travel insurance to ensure our safety in the foreign land.