If life in the kitchen seems boring, then it is probably not you that is the problem. If you put a little thought into this issue, you may realise that whilst everything else in your life has been upgraded by technology- whether it be your Smart TV or the ubiquitous smartphone, your kitchen remains the same bland space.

Why is it that you have invested so heavily in making the devices in the rest of your home so responsive and innovative, and the very space that demands the most labour still remains rustic? Well, it is time for that to change, and the modern day demands enhancements to everyday appliances that can turn your day in the kitchen from tedious to convenient. Take a look at a few changes you can make around the kitchen to achieve this.


  • A Smart Countertop    


A Smart Countertop

Imagine a kitchen surface that not only helps you organise things efficiently, but also helps you eat healthy and make the most of your other kitchen appliances. Seems like a utopian dream, doesn’t it? Well, technology has enabled a simple surface to become much more than that with the ability to synchronise other electronic devices. Used with apps, it can learn your choices related to food over time, and can remember allergies, give food recommendations, note the ingredients added, and even suggest how to make your meals healthier. Cooking becomes a lot more interesting and engaging with a device as smart as this one.   


  • A Smart Smoothie Maker


A Smart Smoothie Maker

If you are a smoothie enthusiast but are not fond of the blending process or the extensive cleaning up afterwards, then trade in your blender for a smart smoothie maker. This device claims to make a smoothie in less than a minute, which would be perfect for busy weekdays or even a lazy weekend. Moreover, it is self-cleaning and makes no mess at all. You can use the choicest ingredients in the form of branded pods to blend your smoothies in one-serving increments.     


  • An Electric Grill         


An Electric Grill     

If cooking steaks is a major part of your cooking, we suggest going for a smart electric grill. The companion app to this grill allows you to choose the cut of the meat and specify how you want it cooked. The grill then heats its cooking plates according to the temperature that you choose, and warms the meat to the exact temperature. Often, a problem that arises while cooking steak is the overheating of the outer part of the steak before the inner part or centre is cooked appropriately. This grill can help solve this problem by keeping the entire steak below the temperature, which would help it retain more of the natural moisture and flavour.      


  • An Intelligent Frying Pan


An Intelligent Frying Pan

This pan is an innovative appliance that is connected to a companion app, and gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do. Additionally, it monitors temperature real time with the help of a temperature sensor that informs the app. This lets you know when exactly to add ingredients, stir, flip the food or to adjust the temperature to achieve perfection in your cooking. It also tells you when to turn off the gas or induction to prevent overcooking or undercooking. The best part is that the pan may also be able to control the heat automatically, without intervention from you.

All in all, this appliance will help in making cooking easier, faster and will also make food taste more delicious.


  • Coffee Maker


Coffee Maker

If your morning doesn’t start without a strong cup of coffee, consider investing in a smart coffee maker. Opt for a connected coffee system that you can control with your phone. It allows you to control the temperature within 1-degree Fahrenheit, use a programmable pre-soak and access recipes and notes right from your phone. You can get the brewing started before you even step out of bed.  

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