Education and Technology have bonded over each other so well that we can see some of their fireworks reaching different horizons of the world. Technology in education – beautifully coined as Edtech is the hottest trends in town. So what is Edtech and how did it find its way?

Education Technology, acronymed for Edtech, is the integration of all the technical tools and equipment that makes learning a fun and engaging activity. The traditional method of education could be compared to a glass of water where the teachers handed over this glass to the students where they were advised to drink it irrespective of their thirst. The technical aspect of education has changed this perspective where the students are given water in different glasses, in different quantities, sometimes even flavored – where the students can drink as per their appetite. This is the change that Edtech has managed to bring in the society.

Did you know that there are more than 72 million children of primary education who have not been to school and more than 759 million adults who are illiterate? Here is where the initiatives and drives are imposed to bring about a change in the educational sector. The youth literacy rates in South America and Europe are the highest with almost 90-100% literacy ratios. All these statistics have been taken into consideration to target the regions that are deprived of education. Another report talks about Africa’s education system, where out of 128 million school going children, 17 million cannot afford going to schools due to varied reasons. Edtech has successfully managed to fish out the possible growth area in the African content where there is a huge scope for the perfect blend of education and technology. The motive remains the same, only the means and modes have seen a change.

Why Edtech? – Let me walk you through some of the benefits of integrating technology in education. Improved learning space, interactive sessions, learning outside classrooms and much more. Moreover, it is one of the strongest and most preferred tools when it comes to distance learning. Human beings have always cherished the fact that whatever new they discover, they need to share it with the world before they proceed for something new. What if Newton hadn’t shared to the world what he had discovered then we wouldn’t have known what gravitational force is all about, nor would have we appreciated his thought process. Learning Management System Software has social media icons that facilitate sharing on all the social media platform. All these and many more add up to EdTech’s prosperity.

Let us go back a little in time as throwbacks are needed to know the path that would soon be trodden upon.Thousands of years back teaching started with oral communication, where knowledge was imparted through speech. Oratory and speech saw its glaring existence hundreds of years ago. This perception of education gently changed with the passing of time. Slow yet steady – a perfect phrase that coined the dominance of Edtech in this ever-updating world.

Edtech makes use of many types of equipment that induce a level of comfort and enthusiasm in the educational sector. Learning management System Software, mobile learning, gaming simulations, Massive Open Online Course (MOOS) are some of its tools that are being sold like hot cakes in the market where technology is being embraced wholeheartedly.

Just like every coin has two sides, EdTech too has its emotional side. Teachers who have been in the field of technology since time immemorial find it embarrassing to use technology as they are seldom aware of its use. This restricts their dimensions of teaching. Even today you will find teacher’s evolving perceptions of the technology being blended in education. To all those who live in this dilemma, there is a very good proverb which goes as follows – ‘The teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by teachers who do’.

Final Note:

Education and technology are looking forward to changing the concept of education where it should not be considered optional, but an essential part of living. Gone are the days where the students were forced to eat what was there on the table. EdTeach has managed to come up with a buffet, where the students can take in their desired meal to fill their appetite. On a concluding note, all I can see is that Edtech had a feeble beginning but it is sure to make a future where each and every student is educated without any barrier.