When it comes to looking into your past, one of the hardest things to find is certainty. It’s very difficult to work out your bloodline and your lineage with any real certainty. That is why, thanks to the rise of the internet, we now have more services than ever dedicated to helping people with this very problem. Two of the most commonly used and widely appreciated solutions for locating your lineage are Ancestry and 23andMe. Both are very good at what they do, but you might find that one is better than the other.

What, then, is the general consensus? Which is more likely to help you find the information that you need?


When it comes down to the main reason to choose one or the other, the first question is often built around features. Ancestry, for example, gives you a very good range of different features or you to pick from. If you want to be able to trace your bloodline back to some of the earliest points in history then Ancestry gives you an easy way to do that.

It also makes it easy for you to use features like DNA matching, profiling and raw DNA mapping to try and out find where you truly belong. Add in the fact that the package makes it easier to get in touch with long-lost family, and this can make Ancestry a fine choice for most standard reasons.

However, 23andMe gives you access to everything from Y-Chromosome male tracing, surname matching, mixed race profiling, DNA matching and so much more. Used right it can make a comprehensive difference to the way that you live your life and how you find out more about those who came before you. it also gives you some very impressive medical details about your lineage, too.

This can make it easier to prepare for things like dealing with illness and poor health over time. With these details, you are much more likely to be able to tell who your family are, the ailments they suffered from and their bodily reaction to certain issues and products like caffeine, sugar and so much more.

It’s a hard thing to do and to get right, but it becomes so much easier if you are willing to use either of these products. They are both two of the most renowned products on the market for tracking your lineage, and for that reason both should be high up on the list of solutions to try.

Making the Decision

Of course, nobody can tell you exactly what solution you personally will like better. What we recommend is looking at your own needs; for something like a family get-together, then Ancestry should more than meet your needs. If you need something a touch more comprehensive, though you can easily use 23andMe as the solution to help you get over that particular hurdle.

If you want to know more about your lineage and your true family history, then 23andMe might be the ideal starting point to do that. For more basic searches, Ancestry can be the ideal solution, see this website for a more detailed view.

But of course, they both offer an invaluable insight into the past of your family and your DNA insights (which you can learn a great deal from) so it’s well worth checking out both services and choosing the one that is best for you. It’s incredible the insight that these services offer, you can learn so much and also avoid future health problems and so they are a very worthwhile investment, and also offer a great deal of entertainment too.