Twitter is one of the largest online platforms on the planet. Twitter is known for being the perfect platform to stay updated on trending news. Thanks to the concise nature of a Tweet and the complex hashtagging system, you can quickly find your way to any information that you desire. As a result of the platform’s popularity, it has also become the perfect way for aspiring entrepreneurs and grounded professionals to expand their business. Brands can use Twitter to personify their business while entrepreneurs can use the platform to network while expanding their notoriety. In order to succeed, however, it all comes back to the power of the tweet.

Creating the Ideal Tweet

So, what makes the perfect Tweet? That’s kind of a loaded question. In all honesty, the impact of your Tweet will be predicated on your industry, your current fame, and the mood of your followers. With that being said, there are a few ideas for effective tweets that you can seek to employ with regularity. While you can’t guarantee that each Tweet will go viral, you can make sure that you are putting yourself in a position to succeed. Let’s explore a few different concepts that will improve your levels of engagement when you make a post to your professional Twitter account.

1) Incorporate Visual Elements – Alright, Twitter is ostensibly a text-based platform, so why do we care about images and video? While Twitter isn’t Instagram, visually engaging content will always find more engagement than their text-based competitors. You don’t have to go crazy with your visual elements, but you CAN get a little creative. Instead of sending off a simple Tweet, consider placing the text over an applicable image. If you are feeling really crazy, consider incorporating an animated GIF that is relevant to your message. It almost doesn’t matter what your visual element is, it just matters that you have one.

2) Curate a Hashtag Database – Hashtags are how your content will get seen. With that being said, there are so many hashtags, you could end up getting lost in the crowd. Worse, you could end up with a hashtag that is antagonistic toward your goals. Think of each potential hashtag as its own individual community. What communities do you want your brand to be placed in front of? Let’s say that you work in arts and crafts, and you are now focusing on developing custom-made products based off of a video game. You could use hashtags like: #(nameofvideogame) #gaming #vidya #xbox and so on. These are all generalized hashtags, but they serve as a great starting point. Research the content that appears under those hashtags and look for more tagging ideas.

3) Schedule Your Tweets – If you are going to be launching a marketing campaign, it can help to put together a Tweeting schedule. You can schedule Tweets to be published at a specific time, so take advantage of this feature. Pick peak browsing hours for your scheduled release. Always base your scheduling around the region that you are marketing to.