At the airport, you would observe that cleaning operations take place throughout the day because there is just no time when the airport premises could be free from visitors. Cleaning companies have to carry out cleaning operations as part of any other activity that takes place within the premises.  The art of carrying out cleaning services during operational hours of business without affecting regular business and working with people around is what day porter cleaning services is all about. Although the term might sound new, it is not new to the industry circles that hire the services of professional commercial cleaning companies.  The cleaning needs of heavy traffic areas are unique that the cleaning companies are well conversant with and can do complete justice to the job. The way they carry out their work without hindering business is something unique.

The cleaning company takes complete responsibility of keeping the premises clean by taking care of your business needs. They would first understand the kind of business activities and the hours of working to find out if there is any free time available when space is vacant to carry out cleaning jobs.  If there is no way but to carry out cleaning services during busy hours, they would estimate the footfall at various places and times and devise a plan so that cleaning jobs are carried out without interrupting workflows. The cleaning personnel has the proper training of working around the public deftly while ensuring cleanliness and safety.

Identifying the business needs

Since cleaning schedules have to consider cleaning during busy hours of business like in supermarkets, airports and similar places, it is essential to ascertain the kind of cleaning that suits a business. It begins by understanding the business activities that determine the cleaning service that would be required. On knowing the type of cleaning that would be necessary,  the company can work out the schedule for cleaning, estimate the required workforce, the types of cleaning equipment and tools that would be required and what would be the most suitable times for carrying out the work without compromising on quality. In addition to focusing on cleaning, the company has to include other elements in the service that ensures the smooth functioning of a business. If required, they have to provide the workforce for material handling too, for ensuring that cleaning services do not affect regular business.

The scope of services

Although cleaning services are the most visible part, porter cleaning services are much more than only cleaning. It consists of a bouquet of other services closely related to cleaning like some small maintenance services, trash removal, spillage cleaning, etc.  It will be a mistake to equate the services with the regular commercial cleaning of offices and business establishments. The service package may also include some special services not related to cleaning like replenishing physical stocks on the shelves of retail business stores and even augmenting the existing security surveillance by deploying workforce for the job. When you hire some company for providing porter cleaning services, you can expect them to do a lot beyond traditional cleaning.

Facilities serviced

The kind of business or commercial establishment determines if porter cleaning services would be required.  Although the cleaning services have distinctive features of working during office hours, it is not the only consideration for choosing the services. Not only commercial establishments but even schools, theaters, and churches could also benefit from this kind of cleaning services. From retail, stores, restaurants and post offices to banks, showrooms, warehouses, everyone can avail porter cleaning services. The services are also applicable to hotels, casinos, industrial buildings, sports facilities, financial institutions, and airports to name a few.

Convention centers and event venues can benefit too

Although establishments and commercial centers that operate round the clock would find the porter cleaning services most appropriate, it is no less relevant for large convention centers and even venues that plays host to a few thousand people.  The challenges of keeping the places clean are much more because as heavy foot traffic tends to make the area dirty, the skills of the cleaning company come in handy to clear any mess promptly without causing any inconvenience to guests. The cleaning company takes up the responsibility of maintaining the sheen and shine of the place that would make the guests happy.

More than cleaning, the job requires special skills

By looking at the job profile of porter cleaning services, one can understand that the services are not only different from traditional cleaning services but also special. Cleaning any premises crowded with people not only requires unique cleaning skills, but one must have a fair amount of human skills, too, in dealing with people comfortably as they have to negotiate with many people for carrying out their work satisfactorily. In addition to ensuring that the place is clean, the cleaning staff has to look into many other aspects to ensure that the area is safe and well maintained no matter how much crowded it might be. They may also have to carry out some porter services if need be.

Preventive maintenance included

Cleaning does not just mean sweeping, mopping, and dusting but also maintaining the place in the best condition that people would appreciate. While cleaning and debris removal is an essential requirement of the services, it includes much-advanced features like carrying out some preventive maintenance works which are typically part of general maintenance. Companies that offer porter cleaning services are ready to shoulder more responsibilities and can attend to some small repairs of chairs, broken windows, and minor maintenance issues that add value to the cleaning services.

To offer more comprehensive services, the cleaning companies are ready to stretch their services for cleaning restrooms even when people are around and give it the necessary uplift that makes people forget how dirty and unhygienic these places can be.

If you are ready to expand the reach of cleanliness beyond the floors and walls of the premises and seek some comprehensive cleaning service that adds more value, then porter cleaning services are the only choice.