The demand for cremation services have been increasing all over the world and expected to soar even further in the next few years and for a good reason. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFD), the average cost of a traditional funeral arrangement today is around $7000 and it’s only going to be more expensive in the next few years. Hence

a  distinct trend is altering the landscape of the funeral market, and this can be attributed to a wide range of cultural shifts that have influenced people to reconsider their end-of-life choices today.

In one study by the CCA (Cemeteries and Crematoria Association), they found the following factors that are instrumental to the increase of cremation services:

  • People are passing away older and selecting cremation on their own.
  • Cremation has ended up being more acceptable as people’s ties to tradition weaken.
  • Regional restrictions are diminishing as well as ethical constraints.
  • Ecological considerations are ending up being more crucial.
  • People have more flexibility in memorial services.
  • Lower cost

Which factor has influenced the demand for cremation services the most?

Among the factors mentioned above, the cost is the primary reason that cremation is on the increase. While cremation is most definitely a personal option but the decision to choose cremation services in Australia certainly has more to do with the expense.

A simple, or direct, cremation can cost under $1000 whereas a traditional burial can cost thousands of dollars. Of course, These rates are generalised examples, and the cost of funeral service does vary substantially in terms of location. That said, the advantage of opting for cremation is obvious when you consider the fact that a casket alone can cost you more than $2000 or more.

Why is cost the most significant driving factor for the popularity of cremation services?

A worldwide recession takes its toll on all elements of life and death. You may have heard people say “it’s too expensive to die these days” and for a good reason.  When cost is significant, and with little aid offered by State Welfare, it is somewhat understandable to see why increasingly more people are turning to cremations as an alternative. If you are reading this, then you are probably looking for information on direct cremation services near you . The truth is that the latter can be just as dignified as a costly so-called ‘standard’ funeral.

Ultimately, the reason why funerals are so expensive nowadays is that families tend to make rash decisions under emotional pressure. People who are not hesitant to shop around for the best prices are bound to come up with a loving and dignified end-of-life arrangement at a reasonable cost.

Cremations vs traditional burial

A simple burial includes the transfer of remains to the funeral house, embalming, dressing as well as the essential services of a funeral director and personnel. All of these cost money that you otherwise would not have to spend should you opt for cremation services. Not to mention the cost of leasing a hearse and fees for a graveside or chapel service.

The cost associated with a direct cremation primarily revolves around the collection and cremation of a deceased body. One may also have to deal with the services of a funeral director, transportation of the remains and applicable crematorium charges as well as the urn for the cremated remains. Still, the fees are generally much lower compared to a traditional funeral arrangement. This means more money on the pocket of the bereaved family while still providing a dignified and

Of course, the inclusive fees may differ in between service providers, so do inspect the specifics of a direct cremation from the company. Although a faith or memorial service is not included as part of a direct cremation, families always have the option to organise the latter.