Cheerleading is one of the sports that rely on more than just the right moves. Cheerleaders also need the right hair and style to rock their performance, no matter what age or skill level. While any girl (or boy!) can cheer, it takes extra style to really shine on the stage, field or stadium.

However, cheer hairstyles aren’t the same thing as hairstyles you’ll wear on a regular basis. They’re a chance to let your personality shine and add to the routine. For kids, you’ll see the basic cheer styles like simple ponytails, bows, braids, and poofs, but it doesn’t have to stop there. While the first step is to light up your stage with Alexandra Costumes, your team needs the best hairstyles perfect for any cheerleader. Here’s some amazing cheer hairstyle inspiration to get you started.

Start with Fresh Hair

The best thing cheerleaders can do is start with fresh, healthy hair. Keeping hair clean, moisturized, and shiny will go a long way to elevating any hairstyle no matter what you choose to do. It’s never too early to start working on haircare, especially for cheerleaders who will put their hair through serious work during competitions.

Invest in quality hair care products. Avoid silicones, sulfates, alcohol, and other additives that build up in the hair. Using the purest quality oils can help with your hair health as well as add shine when needed. Taking care of your hair is the first step to starting any hairstyle.

Play with Color

While some cheer competitions have rules about colors and additives that can be added to the hair, but others are more relaxed. Using a fun hair color like purple, teal, or silver could really add something extra to the hair no matter the style you use.

Achieving the perfect hair color is easier than you think, and you don’t need any complex dying or bleaching process that damages hair. With Overtone, you can get that shiny, sleek, colorful look in just a few steps without any damage or complicated maintenance. It’s perfect for competitions.

The Classic Poof

If you want to go with something classic for your cheerleading hairstyle, it’s hard to go wrong with a hair poor. Poof hair might just be the most popular style, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. To get this classic look, comb the front strand back, hair spray in sections, and clip or pin the hair back. Secure it under a ponytail for extra stability.

This hairstyle isn’t unlike the big, teased hair of the 80s, but you can make it more modern by adding funky colored locks, braided twists, or even just a bow. This might be an oldie, but it’s still a goodie.

High Ponytail

Another classic is the high ponytail. Why is this such a natural choice for cheerleaders? Well, when you’re flying through the air and doing somersaults, it helps to have your hair out of your face. A high pony does just that without compromising your style.

To achieve the high pony, start by brushing your hair away from your face. It helps to do this upside down, even if it feels a bit silly. You want the ponytail to rest at the back-top of your head. If you were wearing a crown, this would rest at the very back. From there, curl the very ends for a fun, whimsical look that stays controlled all competition.

Braided Pony

As we said before, one major must-have for cheer hair is that it’s away from the face and stays in place. Combine all of the elegance of a braid with the ease of a ponytail to get the perfect braided pony.

To get the look, start with a french braid at the top of your head. Once you get to the top of your neck, tie the braid into a ponytail. Curl the ends for some flair, or leave them straight. Add a bow or other accessories for more dimension, or keep it simple. You can also start the french braid at the side for a different take on the braided pony.

Half Up/Half Down

Last but not least, choose the best of both worlds with a half up, half down look. To get this style, part the hair at the temple and gather the top section back and away from your face. Hold the hair at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic You can now style your hair however you’d like with the extra volume from the half-pony.

Secure your hair in place with bobby pins or a bow. Once again, take this look to new heights by teasing the hair under the lifted section. Add hairspray and you’re ready to take the stage.


Are you ready for your next cheer performance? The right hairstyle shows you’re serious and that you know how to rock your own style. Don’t feel limited by the list above. These ideas are meant to be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire.

Try one yourself to see if it works for your next routine. Just make sure you have the right hair care routine to help keep your locks healthy and under control. From there, it’s time to start moving.