Of all the many chair designs that can be found today, the iconic egg chair surely must be one of the most original, with a hanging design that allows for a high level of comfort. The egg chair was designed by Arnie Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen, who wanted iconic status for their 5-star guests, which was to be part of an interior that was solely designed by Jacobsen, right down to the dinner cutlery.

The Iconic Egg Curve

The most stunning aspect of the egg chair design, the curve was achieved using foam, which was sculpted into shape then covered by upholstery and the chair was supported by a center base with star-shaped legs that automatically adjusted according to the seated person’s weight.

Lobby Design

The egg chair was designed for the hotel lobby, with the straight lines of the architecture contrasting perfectly with the oval egg shape, with 50 chairs commissioned. The fact that the chairs were primarily made of foam meant that each chair weighed a little more than 7kg, making it easy for hotel staff to move the chairs around.

Varied Designs

While the original egg chair had a central base with star-shaped legs, later designs included egg chairs that were suspended from the ceiling, which added another dimension and made the chair even more comfortable, if that were possible. Another design that came later was the circular base with an arm that ran up the back to create a hanging point, from which the chair was suspended, and that allowed the chair to hang without having to fix anything to the ceiling.

Online Solutions

If you would like to acquire a couple of egg chairs for your terrace, you can find an exclusive range of affordable hanging outdoor chairs from an online supplier, with a choice of a base or attaching the chain to the ceiling. With so many designs to choose from, there’s bound to be one that is perfect for your décor. Buying online means the lowest prices, as the online retailer does not have the huge expenses of a traditional retail outlet and can offer identical products 15-20% cheaper.

Designer Influenced

Many furniture designers used the floating egg concept that was first introduced by Jacobsen, and today, the design has been copied by many furniture designers, and if you are lucky enough to bump into a genuine Jacobsen egg chair, it would be worth a lot of money.

The Ultimate In Comfort

The egg chair not only looks stylish, but it is also very comfortable to sit on, and whether you prefer the hanging version or the steel-framed base design, egg chairs are ideal for relaxing in the long summer days and can be found on many trendy Australian decks around the country. You can choose between a colorful fabric, rustic rattan, or leather upholstery, whichever suits your terrace. With an online supplier, you can find exceptional deals.

Adorn your outdoor leisure area with a couple of egg chairs and bring a new level of style, elegance, and comfort into your home.