Winter leaves behind the proof of its harshness especially on the roof of your house. Winter effect brings a lot of dirt and clutter spoiling the appearance of your roof potentially. Therefore, it is important to clean the roof and maintain its beauty. Inception of spring is the time when roof cleaning becomes quite essential every year. Harsh weather can damage the shingles and surface of your roof making it look dull, dark and unattractive. Roof clean up keeps your roof safe from being vulnerable to damages done by mold, algae or other unwanted growth.
Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Every spring season, you should invest some time and efforts to retain the elegance of the roof and keep it functional and clean for a long time. This way you will also increase its life and delay the possibility of replacement. If you are careful, you can make them last for as much as 25 years. Roof cleaning is a simple job, but certain methods and tricks can make it more effective and bothersome for you. Here are some of them to extend the lifespan of your roof:

Safety should be a prior consideration

Despite being simple, roof cleaning can get a little odd and twisted if you don’t remain vigilant while performing the job. Always try to take all safety precautions as you climb up and down the roof. Check the toughness of ladder before you use it and make sure your boots are slip-resistant. Helmet is a good idea to protect your head in case you trip and fall.

Clear the major nuisance

First thing first, you must consider the idea of clearing the roof of the major heap of leaves and other debris that might have accumulated due to winter cruelty. De clutter the surfaces and drainage of organic material such as leaves, branches and dirt. Handle broom properly with maneuvers that save shingles from getting affected or raised in the process.

Gloves would come handy if you are looking to clean gutters using your hands. You may also push some water down the gutter for lighter debris applying a normal pressure as it is an ideal roof cleaning method.

Use an effective cleaning solution

When working on algae, moss and mold, you want to make sure they will not come again to mangle the appearance of your roof. A chemical you are going to use should be effective enough to keep unwanted organic growth at bay all year round. Roof cleaning is incomplete without a use of a cleaning solution with preventive power. Use a long hose to spray the solution with good control. Avoid using power washer since they are too strong and may kill the delicate balance of shingles and cause them to come off.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning


Leaves have a tendency to hold and encourage moisture on your roof. So, if you see the pile up badly up there, it will result into a potential problem. You can hire a professional roof cleaning company for thorough inspection and effective solution. Air blower can be a great idea as it can push the leaves and pine needles away from the surface without spoiling anything else.

Heavy tree branches

Trees grown right outside the building may sometimes lean to touch the surface of the roof, which can increase the chance of damaging it with scratches and depreciation of shingles. Before this tree action depletes the lifespan of your roof, it is advisable to trim the limbs and minimize the chances of roof repair and maintenance.

Fighting organic growth

Organic elements like mold and algae can cause streaks, slipperiness and discoloration of your roof including leaks and potential repairs. You can install algae-resistant shingles that is often recommended by certified roof cleaning experts.

Unclog the gutters

Spring is the best time to unclog the gutters that has been affected due to cold wintry temperatures. If you think it is too much to take over, you can always call a professional roofing roof repair specialist to mend the gutters and restore its original cleanliness.