Winning an award provides that differentiation and visibility to the golfer. They are also important as they validate your credibility and performance. An award speaks a volume about a performer.

The award is important not only for the golfer but also for the one who is providing it. It again provides the differentiation amongst various credentials available in the market. The golf trophy could be in one of these genres – male golf trophies, female golf trophies, novelty golf trophies, nearest pin golf trophy, longest drive golf trophy, hole in one golf trophy, etc.

Various Famous Golf Trophies

There are various tournaments played in golf across the globe like PGA Tour, European Tour, United States Golf Association, LPGA Tour etc. Some famous golf trophies and awards from these tours are PGA Player of the year, Rookies of the year, Vardon Trophy, Byron Nelson Award, Arnold Palmer Award, Jack Nicklaus Trophy, Arnold Palmer Award, Charles Schwab Cup, Harry Vardon Trophy and many more. Each trophy is well known and has some significance attached to it For example, Tiger Woods, one of the richest golfers in the world has won a whopping 81 PGA tour awards, and each award he wins speaks of his relevance in the golf world.

Golf Trophies Providing the Brand Value

An award provides a recognition to the body or organization that is hosting it. It helps to spread awareness amongst the community that is related to the event. Golf is a sought-after event which is played by various corporations these days. Holding an event can help you with various PR opportunities. A customized trophy will provide much needed brand value to your organization and will gain recognition amongst the peers.

How to Choose a Trophy for An Event?

There are various golf trophies available in the market. And, if you are planning to host a golf event, you must choose a golf trophy as per the event. Moreover, each trophy should exemplify the achievement for which it is being given for like longest drive or nearest pin. These trophies now a day could also be segregated into male and female trophies with male and female minions displayed. While selecting these trophies, one must consider that all the trophies should be following a theme, so that they represent your brand.

Variety of Golf Trophies Available in The Market

There are many varieties of golf trophies available in the market these days. They can be customized in various colors including gold, silver, black, bronze, blue, brown etc. They are also available in various materials like brass, glass, heavyweight composite material, metal, nickel plated stainless steel and wood. One can even choose them in various shapes like round, diamond, tower, square, star and shield. You can even engrave these trophies with a special message that goes with your company’s motto in hosting the respective event. There are various online tools available in various trophies provider’s e-commerce site, which can help you to design your trophy before you order them.

Significance of A Golf Trophy for A Performer

People often put years of work into excelling the game of golf. They develop their skills with time. A good golfer must possess a significant amount of hip mobility, core control, upper back mobility and ability to hip hinge. It also requires a fair amount of lower body strength and ability for pelvic tilt. All this do not come in a single day, it takes years of practice. Moreover, golf cannot be played in parks and roads like other sports. It requires a person to have membership of city’s golf club which can cost him a fair amount of membership fee. All this effort need to be concluded. The tournaments provide these players an opportunity to show and map their skills. A trophy exemplifies their accomplishments which will cherish all their life. They are a token of their victory.