If you owe a huge sum of debts which are more than you can afford to repay, then a situation of foreclosure for home or repossession of assets may arise. In such situation the most practical way to overcome from the debts is by filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection can be filed during any emergency situations or as planned manoeuvre with the help of Chapter 13 Lawyers. But, the main goal of filing of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy remains the same – to get a break from the creditors and their calls, while working on an achievable and realistic repayment plan.     

What are the Benefits of Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection?

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy stops the process of foreclosure and offers the debtors with the option to bring current the arrears gradually
  • It stops the mobile home and vehicle repossessions and also offers the debtors with the option to streamline all their obligations.
  • Provide financial relief from student loan collection actions during the repayment period of 3-5 years
  • Protects the debtors from creditors who are seeking to grab the past due domestic support obligations
  • Protects debtors from taxation authorities that are attempting to collect the past dues taxes from them
  • Allows the debtors from stripping off completely from the unsecured junior mortgage on their realty property
  • In some cases, debtors are allowed for impairment and discharge of non-support marital obligations and other unsecured debts
  • Allows the debtors to sustain their majority of assets

But prior to filing the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy NY, it is necessary that you approach the board-certified Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney to find out the right options available for your specific situation. They will help you to know the basics of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy before filing and let you know the pros and cons of filing the bankruptcy. They will review the case for you without any charges and you are not required to make any payment upfront. The total costs and fees related to the case can be combined and rolled into the eventual payment plan for your convenience.

What You Must Expect from The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me?

When you intend to file the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in NYC, you first need to approach and contact the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney near Me by searching them online. When you contact them, you may expect friendly customer service as well as sound legal advice to move forward with the case. The clients often prefer working with Chapter 13 Lawyers because they offer the following services:

  • Lawyer Accessibility – The consultation and signing appointments will be with the best Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney and throughout your case, the assigned attorney will be made accessible for you for legal advice and assistance.
  • Case Evaluations – The attorney assigned for your case will review the case thoroughly along with assets, household income, expenses and the kind of debt that you have in order to determine the best-suited chapter for your bankruptcy.
  • Estimated Repayment Amount – The goal of the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy NY lawyer is to estimate the possible final repayment amount that is based on the facts that you offer them. They put all their efforts in making the repayment plan as shorter as possible and as low as possible for you.
  • Quick Action – In order to protect your home from foreclosure and vehicle repossession, the lawyers often file the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy on an expedited basis. The very day client approaches or contacts the lawyers.
  • Tenacious Representation – Most of the cases are solved without challenges, but if any issue arises the lawyers will represent and fight for you.