Activator poles are walking poles designed for exercising and rehab purposes. They are widely known and suggested by therapists and physicians for walking. It is similar to Nordic walking poles but varies in size and functionality.

  • The activator pole provides support to the body in a bilateral manner whereas the other options such as crutches, canes, and wheeled walkers don’t provide the same level of support to the user.
  • Its built quality is really great and can support people who weigh nearly 90-95 kgs. The poles are designed in such a way that a person holding it would always be standing upright which gives them a good posture.
  • It is also very functional and does not limit the arm swing like other products which allows it to help grow the core strength of a person using it.
  • The various studies done on the Activator pole show that it is a great way to keep your body functioning smoothly and a very effective tool in the rehab process as they are adjustable and do not vibrate when under pressure like other products.
  • The product costs between $100 to $150 and can be purchased online from sites like Urban Poling.

About Urban Poling Australia 

The Urban poling is basically walking with the use of various different poles designed for specific purposes. These walking exercises vary in intensity and impact on particular parts of the body. There are different poles for different exercises and hiking purposes. The most popular form of this is the Nordic walking which has various health benefits. There are many other options also for travel and adventure purposes.

Health Benefits Of Urban Poling Australia 

  • The therapist and physicians suggest Activator poles to their patients who are about to or have undergone knee or hip surgery as it provides support to the back and legs as most of your weight is carried by your hands. It reduces the pressure on the lower back which helps pre and post hip surgery. It also does the same for the knees by reducing pressure and helping move smoothly. It can be used in both places indoors and outdoors. It is one of the best equipment to get during the rehab period to support you and help you recover faster.
  • It is also beneficial to people suffering from Parkinson’s, MS, BI, and stroke as walking with a good posture at a consisting speed can be really beneficial to people. It helps improve independent functionality and core strength.
  • People suffering from Arthritis can also benefit from it as it reduces the impact on hips and knees by increasing pressure on the upper body parts in the process increasing their strength.
  • The Activator pole is also beneficial to people suffering from vestibular diseases as it improves their capacity to exercise and boost their confidence as they are able to maintain a good posture and balance.
  • It is also beneficial to people suffering from respiratory problems or people who have been through spinal stenosis surgery. It also helps people with fibromyalgia by increasing their rate of motion and walking tolerance.

Urban poling popular in Europe and now the world has caught on to it due to its various advantages and varieties of experiences it provides. Plus, it is really helpful to people of all ages as youngsters and middle-aged people can use it to stay fit while the aged people can use it for their comfort. All the above facts help understand the importance of Activator poles in people’s lives and why it has become so popular, be it, for adventure or health-related benefits.