Ecommerce marketing refers to driving traffic to your online store in order to increase sales and make loyal customers of the first time users. Just like marketing is essential for the success of any business, ecommerce also relies on successful marketing strategies. To be a successful e-retailer, it is necessary to increase brand awareness through both online and offline marketing strategies are necessary for both; driving customers to specific products and to your store in general.

Ways of designing a successful ecommerce marketing strategy

  1. Upselling products

Upselling is an effective way of increasing your brand sales as it encourages customers to buy products more premium than what the customer was looking for. Marketing a product more premium than that the customer was in search for is often very effective because most customers are not aware of the premium offers or might simply need more evidence or knowledge of the premium package. If you want to put this technique to good use, highlighting the difference between the customers’ initial choice and the premium is necessary because you are aiming to convince your customer that the premium is a better choice. Also, to make this effective, you should keep in mind the price range the customer is looking for and ensure that the product is also related to the original product.

  1. Using social media

Social media, while initially designed to give people across that globe a platform on which to socialize, has been used by many businesses to connect with their customers successfully. Expanding your reach on social media is a very beneficial approach to Ecommerce marketing because on social media, you can access an audience interested in your products easily. There are many organizations like Mad Mind Studios designed to help your marketing approach and many also help manage your social media accounts to make the most out of it.

  1. Try minimizing abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are a big loss in ecommerce and you need to reduce abandoned carts in order to increase sales. Many potential customers abandon carts because of shipping finances, forgetting and realizing that the price is too high. You can always reduce abandoned carts by sending reminders to them, offering discounts or free shipping. Emailing the customers to recover orders is one simple way. Use emails directed at the audience specifically to convince them to complete their purchase. Using attractive headings or adding suggestions for other products is also a good way of making effective use of this email recovery campaign.

  1. Start a Facebook store for your business

Facebook continues to be very useful in online marketing for ecommerce and other businesses alike because of its ability to gather a large audience to target. It is quite simple to begin marketing sales through Facebook and the feature that allows you to integrate this store into your Shopify store makes it much easier to use for ecommerce marketing

  1. Use email subscribing

On social media sites, your message might be lost in the plethora of other tweets and posts but emailing allows you to target more individualized messages to an audience more likely to receive it. Use emails to get subscribers to your blogs and newsletters. Messages received on personal inboxes are more effective than these delivered on social media.

  1. Design your store in a way that is user-friendly

If your store is not designed cleverly, you might lose customers who are not willing to put in extra effort to understand how to use it first. A poorly designed store is one where the font is too difficult to read or one which is difficult to navigate, not segmenting the products, are there a sufficient amount of both written text and pictures etc.

  1. Use live chat with customers

Engaging g with shoppers in live chat could be even more effective than emailing because it is an even more personalized experience. Through live chats you can have direct conversations with the customers and inform them about their order statuses more directly. You can also address concerns of theirs easily though direct chat.

Marketing is a significant part of any business and just like elsewhere, ecommerce marketing requires careful planning and designing to the strategy effective.