Self-storage – a trend that started in the United States but has now spread to Australia. One of the reasons for this is the lack of space in the large Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. What exactly is behind this trend? What should you watch out for when storing your items in self storage rooms?

Rents continue to rise in Australia’s major cities. Many apartments in the city centres don’t even have a basement or attic as storage space. And a garage on the doorstep has long been considered a pure luxury in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. As a result, tenants have less and less space for their items and can use self storage services to store items such as furniture and clothing – the business with storage rooms is booming.

What exactly is self storage?

But what exactly does self storage mean? Literally translated it means the personal storage of all possible objects, such as furniture, household items and sporting goods, in individual storage rooms. The rooms are lockable, protected from view and available in different sizes. Self storage properties have a common area of ​​8,000 square meters, in which there are rental compartments with sizes between one and 50 square meters.

Good reasons for self storage


There are many reasons why more and more tenants are renting storage space in major Australian cities. Some put two households together, need storage space for their items while on a trip around the world, or are in the middle of a move. However, hardly any city dweller has a lot of storage space in their own apartment.

Our tips: Find the right size

In order to be able to stow all furniture from the apartment, there is a rule of thumb: The storage space should be about ten per cent of the apartment area. Most companies also offer their customers room calculators on their websites to determine their needs. It is best to get personal advice on-site if you are not sure what size you need.

Insure objects

It is advisable to think about insurance in case something should happen to your storage space. Although they comply with current safety standards, no one can guarantee that a fire will not, for example, break out in the rooms. We advise you to check with your own household insurance if and for how long your furniture is insured outside of your own home. Self storage companies are also happy to advise you.

Objects that must not be stored


To ensure the safety of all customers, self storage companies can also ban the storage of some items. These are, for example, food, drugs, weapons, flammable substances, unpleasant-smelling objects, money, art, batteries, paints and solvents.

Additional service

Most self storage companies also offer services directly on site. They often sell locks, moving boxes and packaging materials to help you move. You can even order a van from some of them.

Choosing the right company – tips

Today almost all self-storage companies offer the same security standards. Pay particular attention to the following points:

  • The storage rooms should be heated especially in winter, cooled in summer and well ventilated around the clock.
  • Also, make sure that your storage room is dry. This way you can avoid mould on furniture.
  • Ideally, the storage company is also conveniently located for you. This way you can save costs during transport.
  • Security guards, alarm systems and surveillance via video cameras give you the security you need.


Especially if you live in a city like Altona, where space is scarce, self storage companies offer an excellent opportunity to store your items. No matter whether it is a move, or you need space for things that you do not often use: Self-storage rooms are an excellent alternative to freight forwarders or your basement, especially for the long-term storage of objects.