Do you ever get me wrong and argue with me on a topic which both of us think as right? Yes, you do. In fact, all of us do on certain issues. This is a natural behaviour of human beings. We like to differ and win for ourselves.

Circumstances, environment, age, culture and other similar aspects associated with a person play a role in establishing the convention that we are all not same. Our thinking, our attitude, our feelings, our perspectives are different from others and we must accept it. Not two persons are same. But, there are people who do not go by this and hence, the confusion and frustration occurs. The harder this is to accept for you, the more troublesome your life becomes.

I may not necessarily like what my father says and vice versa. But, does that mean that my father is wrong or I am wrong? No, both of us may be right from our point of views. There is no third person to judge it. We in fact, do not allow a third party to adjudicate it. Because of this clash of opinions, tension prevails and we suffer.all are not same

Now, how to tackle this? Acceptance. Yes, acceptance is the only key to it. Learn to accept things. Cool down and think that all the fingers of our hands are not alike, yet each of them is needed to hold something.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You’ll get the feelings of others. Your friend may advise you to take a medicine. He’d emphasize on the benefits of the pill. You then take it and your sickness worsen. Now, you curse at him and the relationship gets affected. But, think otherwise a bit. The medicine which he prescribed worked for him but that did not work for you. He was right and honest in suggesting you ways to speed up your recovery. But, unfortunately, for any reason that did not click. So, instead of swearing at your friend, just thank him. You’re the one to be blamed for it. You should have checked before you take the medicine. But you did not and now You’re shifting the blame to your friend. We do this regularly, don’t we?

Do not take anything negatively. Just believe in the fact that we are all not alike. Everybody has his individuality. A few can misguide you but your close ones will not. Never blame your parents or someone else. What they say are from their experiences. This is up to you whether you act on this or not.

Your boss may be correct from his chair; your girlfriend may argue that you do not care for her any more; your kids may complain that you do not give them top priority these days. All of them are right from their circumstances they are in. It’s you who’re to handle and manage those situations. And, if you take those very positively, you’re bound to succeed.

In fine, remember, none is your opponent other than you. Your notion about someone or something is all that matters. Be your boss and take the final call on whoever says whatever to you. We all are not same in this world yet, we need all to complete a society.