Akoya pearls are known for their distinct beauty, appeal, and elegance. No wonder why a lot of women prefer to wear akoyal pearls over other pearls available in the market today. The akoya pearl is one of the high quality pearls today because of the specialized techniques used in the development of such pearls. You can easily distinguish akoya pearls because of its defined shape.

At a glance, you will notice that the akoya pearl has a slightly irregular shape, but is close to being round. It does come with flaws, but are very minimal and this is understandable because natural pearls have a few irregularities and imperfections. If the pearl is abnormally smooth, then it is an indicator that it is not a true pearl.

It needs to be understood that Akoya pearls are classic pearl type that are known to come in small size, generally 6 to 8 mm generally. They add a great deal of sophisticated look to a person and could be worn by people of all age groups. There are also the large sized Akoya pearls available in some online stores and these are known to be of top grade. What makes Akoya pearls stand out from the rest is that they come across as a symbol of class, elegance and beauty and brings out the best side of one’s personality.

How Akoya Peal Is Created?

Just like any types of cultured pearls, a soft tissue of mollusk (mantle) is used as an irritant to trigger the mollusk to create pearls. The process may take some time though because it only creates one layer at a time. It takes several years for the pearls to completely form, which is one of the reasons pearls are considered timeless, classic, elegant, and precious. It takes years for the akoya pearl to be formed, but the pearl quality is worth the wait. After some time of waiting, you will be able to enjoy a pearl that has unmatched shape, distinct color, and unique size. The akoya pearl is available in different sizes, which makes it an ideal piece for pearl jewelry making such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, and earrings.

Akoya pearls are beautiful enough that they can be worn both during special and casual occasions. Depending on the styles and designs, you can wear it on a day to day basis or even choose a pearl as an engagement ring, a promise ring, or as a unique wedding band. If you are very particular with the color, then does not worry for akoya pearls are not only available in classic white and cream colors, but as well as a rosy hue. As a matter of fact, some akoya pearls have a rainbow of colors from different angles.

Every akoya pearl is distinct from one another. If you are just new in the pearl jewelry fashion, then you might think that all pearls are the same. The truth to the matter is they are different and you will learn to differentiate them from one another over time.