Managing an Airbnb rental can be stressful. But if you can do it right, renting your unoccupied room, apartment or condo can be profitable.

The beginning stages of hosting an Airbnb can be stressful and you might not feel like you’re gaining any profit. But as you continue to learn, you’ll find that you’ll be booking guests left and right in no time.

Meanwhile, it also means that you need to clean and prepare your home as quickly as possible. After all, you want to be able to serve your Airbnb guests well by making your space clean and presentable.

To help you quickly prepare your home in-between Airbnb guests, here are some tips that you can do before your guests arrive:

Open the Windows

Before anything else, the first thing that you need to do after an Airbnb guest checked out is to open the windows. This is especially important if your previous guests have been cooking inside your house.

Your previous guests may leave a particular trace of scent in your home. When your new guest comes in, it can be uncomfortable for them to know that someone else has been there before them.

Opening the windows helps freshen up your space before a new guest arrives. It would also make them feel like they’re the first people to enter your Airbnb listing.

Use an All-purpose Cleaner

Having an all-purpose cleaner is one of the many effective ways you can clean your home on the regular. Not to mention that it can help you save time.

That’s because having an all-purpose cleaner means that you don’t have to access all sorts of cleaning solutions for different parts of your house. Thus, making your own all-purpose cleaner would be feasible and useful.

Aside from that, it saves you money since you don’t have to buy and resupply your other cleaning solutions often. After all, you’ll be cleaning your home frequently as an Airbnb host.

Spray Clean the Surfaces

Before you wipe down any surfaces, it is recommended that you spray them with your all-purpose cleaner first. Let it sit for a couple of minutes before you wipe it off.

Doing so allows your all-purpose cleaner to do its magic, making it easy for you to clean the stains on the surface.

Just make sure that your spray cleaner is safe to use on a particular surface, as some ingredients tend to be corrosive and can damage your counters, shelves, or tabletops even more.

Vacuum the Floor

Whether your Airbnb listing has a carpet or not, you have to make sure that you vacuum your floors. After all, a lot of debris and all sorts of dirt can come into your home.

Ideally, you should have vacuum your Airbnb twice. Nonetheless, doing a quick vacuum can be effective in and of itself. It’s better than not doing it all and waiting for your new guests to see the dirt on the floor.

Just remember to make a thorough vacuum on days when your Airbnb listing is unoccupied and not booked for the day.

Remove Dust with a Lint Roller

During the very last phase of preparing your home in between Airbnb guests, it’s ideal that you have a lint roller on hand. That way, you can remove any dust or other particles all over your surfaces.

Remember to focus on beddings like pillows, the blankets, your sofas, chairs, and all that. Sweeping your tabletops with a lint roller is also ideal so that you can remove any dust or hair that is left behind by previous guests.

This added touch can go unnoticed but it’s preferable that your guests won’t notice any hair left behind by previous tenants, as this could be a little unsettling.

Ask for Help

Instead of cleaning your Airbnb all by yourself, you can ask other people for help. It can be a family member or your house help.

If you have the budget, we always advise our clients at Maid Sailors Airbnb Cleaning to hire people who can be dedicated to managing and help cleaning your Airbnb listing.

Professional cleaners can assess your space so they can systematically clean in, making sure that your house is clean and spotless before your new guests arrive.


You want to have booking upon booking for your Airbnb listing. However, you also need to make sure that you are prepared enough to deal with the responsibilities of managing a rental space.

If you don’t manage to prepare your home in between Airbnb guests then it can affect your rating on the platform.

The six steps listed above are just a few of the ways you can quickly prepare and clean your home in between Airbnb guests. Try and experiment around to see which system works for you and optimize that system until you perfect it.