Every June, millions celebrate World Environment Day. The general assembly of the UN established the annual celebration back in 1972 to discuss the effects of human activities on the environment each year, the celebration focuses on a single theme to drive action and to provide better results to the world. This year, 193 countries joined the annual celebration which focused on fighting air pollution.

A problem that never goes away

Statistics reveal that around 4.6 million individuals from around the globe die each year due to air pollution. A few examples of diseases and health conditions that claimed the lives of folks exposed to air pollution include lung ageing, irregular heartbeat, asthma and tachycardia. Air pollution also affects the quality of the crops produced by a country.

This depressing situation happened as a result of irresponsible energy use, excessive fossil fuel consumption, and lack of discipline in managing agricultural and waste materials. The world has been battling air pollution issues for decades. While there have been many significant improvements, the problem still persists and continues to affect millions.

A silver lining amidst the bad air quality issues  

Fortunately, there are innovative minds such as those at CityAirTech.com who actively find ways to address the air quality issue through green technology. Simple but brilliant creations such as living walls can help cool down air temperature and absorb harmful pollutants.

Also, clean air advocates do everything they can to spread awareness of the issue. A few examples of environmental organisations you can join or support are the Carbon Trust, Client Earth and Energy Saving Trust. Each organisation has a set of goals and objectives to help to address the current air quality situation. Read more about these groups and find out which one suits you better. Most of these organisations have their own dedicated websites and social media pages where they post updates about their campaigns and cause. Go ahead and grab the opportunity to help out as a volunteer or an event sponsor.

Facing the problem head on 

Thanks to the continuous technological advancements in green technology, it might be possible to drastically reduce the world’s dependency on diesel. This type of fossil fuel is the main source of nitrogen oxide pollution in highly urbanised areas.

The government also aims to limit road access to reduce levels of toxic engine fumes in traffic-laden cities and towns. The targeted areas include Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Derby, and Southampton.

The use of electric-powered vehicles is also seen as a great way to reduce the levels of toxic air particulates. Car companies continue to produce electric and hybrid cars that can satisfy the needs and demands of UK motorists.

If you want to contribute significantly to addressing the pollution concerns in the UK, you should try using public transportation more often. Alternatively, you can try walking or cycling to your destination if it’s not too far from your point of origin.

The pollution issue in the UK tends to overwhelm many people because of its severity. While the situation seems dire, there are still a plethora of ways you can trigger major changes.