The air conditioning system has been one of the most revolutionary inventions of the twentieth century. With the installation of such device, you no longer be sweating during those hot summer days. With the fan being of no use, air conditioning brought relief to countless people across the world.

air conditioning installation

air conditioning installation

These days, air conditioners are almost a necessity in almost every household, with many houses having more than one air conditioner. Just like every other electrical item, with the passage of time new technology and innovations keep on improvising the gadget due to which the prices of air conditioners have gone down drastically. This means, what was earlier only a luxury for the rich now became easily accessible within the budget of a middle-class family too.

The basic way to describe how an air conditioner works are- there is a chemical called a coolant, which runs from inside the home to outside and back again. Thus, trapping and throwing out the heat in this process. The coolant then cools and enters the room again repeating this cycle. So, the air conditioning installation process becomes important.

Some air conditioning installation facts one should know are:

  • Air conditioners need maintenance:
    Air conditioners need regular maintenance just like any other devices. The cooling unit has components that only professionals should maintain and service. Timely maintenance will hike the longevity of the shell life of the air conditioning unit.

  • Day of the installation:

    The air conditioning installation process lays the groundwork for all future use. If the air conditioning installation is not done properly (that is the ducts are not sealed) then it can be hazardous. You have to make sure that a licensed and trustworthy HVAC team is responsible for doing the air conditioning installation.

  • Credible and licensed contractor:
    You are putting your air conditioning installation at risk if you do not get it done by credible, insured, and licensed contractors. Always ask them for a liability insurance i.e. if a technician damages your property, you can sue the contractor.

  • Proper warranty:
    You have to make sure that your warranty is minimum one year. Most air conditioning installation contractors will trick you into giving a warranty, which would expire before you even properly use your system.

air conditioning installation

air conditioning installation

  • No use of subcontractors:
    You should hire a contractor who does not have any subcontractors. Rather, uses his own employees for the air conditioning installation. A contractor must have reliable and trustworthy employees and professionals with a proper background check and drug tested before they go to the customer’s home for installation.

  • Dirty filters decrease the air conditioner’s energy efficiency:
    Dirty filters decrease your air conditioning system’s energy efficiency. Filters prevent dirt and dust from entering the cooling unit. A dirty filter means the improper flow of air. This will result in the system heating up and drawing high power to run in turn increasing your electricity bill.

  • Placing the outdoor unit properly:
    Properly placing the outdoor unit is a crucial part of air conditioning installation. If someone places the outdoor unit in direct sunlight, it will result in excessive heating and reduces 10% efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Properly placing the outdoor unit reduces repair costs. Hence, place outdoor unit under a shade or a tree for optimum performance.

  • Air leakage reduces the cooling efficiency:
    Air leakage will put a strain on the air conditioning unit to replace the cool air. This means the unit gets damaged and will end up requiring repair. To prevent air leakage, seal the ducts properly, and cover any small leakage by using foil tapes. The ducts also must be properly insulated.