If you have recently heard about an old invention called AGA cooker and are curious to get some brilliant insights about what it is and how can it make your life easier, you are in the right place. AGA cookers have been around for about a century, and still, they manage to be one of the finest creations by humans. AGA cookers make cooking simple, and if you want to enjoy the real flavour of life, it’s a must-have for you. But what makes it so incredible? Read on the following post and find out.

AGA simplified

Before you start planning your meals that you will be cooking on an AGA cooker, it’s essential that you understand its structure and mechanism.

1. Hotplate

AGA Cookers come with two hot plates which can be used for curries or other meals. They are available in two variants-  simmering plate and boiling plate. The boiling plate is set on such a temperature that it can boil water faster than a boiling kettle and can cook vegetables and more in less time than expected. Whereas, the simmering plate has evenly distributed low heat which fabulously cooks sauces and egg fries. You can even use it for a griddle.

2. Ovens

Moving on to the other parts of the AGA cookers, the system comes with four ovens which are all dedicated for various specific purposes to help you cook better and more efficiently. The four ovens are used for simmering, baking, warming and roasting.

  • The roasting oven is the biggest asset in the AGA cooking system which can be alone used to cook for the whole home. It has a great storage and cooking capacity which makes it an asset on festivities such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can use the roasting oven for baking and grilling as well.
  • The baking oven has a moderate baking temperature which can be efficiently used for baking a variety of food items such as cakes, brownies, biscuits, bread and more. Feel free to open and check the progress in between baking.
  • The simmering oven can be used to cook the finest meat dishes, thanks to its preset low cooking temperature. Put in your dish and forget about it for hours and once it is done, be ready to enjoy the best meal of your life.
  • The warming oven can be efficiently used for keeping your cooked meal warm till you decide to present it to your guests or family without sucking the flavours out of it.

Great cooking methods to help you cook classic dishes

Cooking in an AGA cooker is similar to cooking on any other gas stove. However, a few tips in your pretty little cooking guide can be helpful in making every meal even more delicious with all the spices perfectly cooked, every day!

  • The boiling plate can be used for a large number of meals ranging from light breakfasts to big dinners. Grilling, frying, boiling, toasting and stir fry are some of the perks which you get when you use the boiling plate for your aid. Now cooking steaks or toasting your sandwiches is easier than ever.
  • Having guests over? Use the simmering oven to cook casseroles and for satisfying their sweet tooth, use it’s steam benefits for cooking puddings and more. For extracting the best flavours out of your meat or spices, leave your dishes in the simmering oven overnight and enjoy the scrumptious dishes right out of the oven in the morning.
  • The roasting oven is brilliant for roasting meat, but if you are vegetarian, then roasting potatoes and vegetables in the oven will make you fall in love with them even more. Also, cooking crisp vegetables in roasting oven will ensure that your kids eat their share of veggies every day, thanks to even convection cooking.

If you ever feel you need help with your AGA cooker, feel free to call an independent AGA engineer from the Cooker Service and let the expert take care of your problems while you relish your perfectly cooked meals with your family. Somehow, if you still don’t own an AGA cooker, get yours today and taste life and food better.