When you’re coping with the death of a loved one, there are many emotions that you’ll likely go through. You might feel like life won’t go on for the family after the death, but if you take the time to focus on healing, then you’ll see that there are ways that you can deal with death in a healthy manner. It’s important to talk to others and to keep your mind open so that you don’t get overwhelmed with everything that is taking place in life after death.

The First Days

During the first few days after someone passes on, you’ll need to look at planning the funeral and the first steps that are taken with the will and estate. Talk to a funeral home about setting up visitation hours at the funeral home or church so that family and friends can offer encouragement. If a casket hasn’t been picked out, then you want to start making arrangements and contact a provider, such as Elmwood Casket Company, for this to be done as soon as possible and to make sure that the plot is paid for along with the burial. The funeral is a way for you and others to say goodbye in a proper fashion.

Because grief can be a difficult thing to deal with, you should not do this alone. Get a close friend to help you with all of the arrangements—it’s not that they should be doing everything for you but more so that you should not be going through this alone and may need the emotional support of having someone at your side.

Crying Is Good

You might think that you have to be strong around your children or other family members. However, you shouldn’t hold in your emotions of grief and sadness as this can do more harm than good. It’s alright for others to see you cry and express such feelings. You may not realize it, but you showing your emotions can be good for your children as they will see that it’s okay to be sad and will begin their own grieving processes appropriately. Otherwise, they might just bottle up all of their feelings and that’s not good for their mental health.

Create Memories

From planting a tree to making a flower garden, do something that will help to remind you of your loved one in the future. It should be something that you can look at on a daily basis so that you do remember the good things instead of any bad memories or the sad feelings that you have from the experience. It might be a good idea to get the entire family involved in whatever activity that you might end up doing. This can be a part of the funeral service or something that everyone does at a later date. It might even be something that everyone does to celebrate that family member’s life once a year to remember him or her.

Support Groups

There are numerous types of support groups that you can join. Talk to a pastor and/or a counselor if it’s needed so that you can ask questions about death or about the feelings that you have. They can even help you to get connected with groups if you don’t know of any. Just know that you don’t have to experience death alone.

After losing someone you love, it’s sometimes hard to get back into a daily routine. Try to make life as normal as possible so that you can function as a family. From support groups to journaling, focus your emotions on good times that can be remembered.