There are many different ways you could be left with physical scars, and that can be devastating to your emotional health. Even though the injury that caused the scar may have healed long ago, the scar itself is a reminder of the traumatic incident. If you let it, your scars can affect your emotional health to the point that you let them interfere with your ability to live a good quality of life. Here are a few ways you can overcome that emotional turmoil.

You Don’t Have to Uncover Them

If you feel critical of your scars or worry about how others react to them, you shouldn’t feel pressured to reveal them. In the fall and winter, you may find it easier to cover up without feeling uncomfortable. Wear a scarf, turtleneck sweater, long sleeves, and other types of clothing to help you conceal yourself. In the summer, covering the affected parts of yourself is a little more challenging because you don’t want to feel overheated in the warmer temperatures. In hot weather, where tops are made from lace or wear sheer clothing that’s porous and breathable. These types of clothing will help you stay cool without forcing you to show off your scars when you’re not ready.

Look For the Positive

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to remind yourself that your scars symbolize your strength and determination. Remember that you endured a traumatic event and survived, and that’s why you have those blemishes on your skin. Every time you find someone staring at you, tell yourself that they’re admiring you for going through a personal battle and coming away from it victorious. Look for other ways to put a positive spin on your situation. If you consistently look for the good in the situation, it won’t be long before you feel proud instead of feeling insecure.

Consider a Restorative Procedure

You can also deal with your scars by getting rid of them. You can consult with the top plastic surgeon in your community about undergoing restorative cosmetic surgery. Depending on the severity of the scar tissue, the surgeon may be able to eliminate every physical sign of the damaged skin tissue. This is an option that many people undergo successfully after recovering from serious car accidents, fires, and other traumatic incidences. Before scheduling a procedure, check with your health insurance provider. Some policies will partially cover cosmetic surgery when it affects the individual’s quality of life. If your insurance won’t cover you, there may be other financing options available to help you pay for the procedure.

Dress it Up

Another option to consider is to bedazzle your scars with tattoos. While this option isn’t for everyone, those that do like tattoos find that getting new ink is a great way to make something positive out of something negative. You can choose a tattoo that holds some meaning, such as an image that symbolizes your strength and courage. Alternatively, your tattoo doesn’t have to mean anything. It can just be a design or image that you like. When you look at the tattoo in the mirror, you will feel happy and inspired rather than being adversely affected by the sight of the scar.

Surround Yourself With Support

You will also feel better about your scars if you surround yourself with a supportive network. Look for friends and relatives who will try to lift you up when you’re feeling down about your scars. When you do feel insecure or overwhelmed with emotion, seek out those loved ones and confide in them. You should also limit the time you spend with unsupportive people. Someone who makes you feel more insecure or self-conscious through insensitive comments or remarks shouldn’t have a place in your life. When it comes to your emotional health, building up a strong, supportive network of people is essential to your wellbeing.

If your scars are keeping you from living your life to the fullest, this may also be an indication that you never fully healed from the emotional trauma of the initial incident. You can learn healthy coping mechanisms and work on recovering from that trauma by seeing a therapist. Regular counseling can help you heal your emotional wounds more fully so your scars won’t be as triggering as they are at this point in your life.

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