The summer season is almost knocking on the doors, and you might be craving to wade into the swimming pool, but not yet ready to invest in an in-ground one. Even if you are planning to invest in an in-ground swimming pool, you might need space to install and maintain it well.

The above-ground pools available in Canada are designed to provide you the luxury to use a nice swimming pool without digging a big hole in your backyard and your pockets. At Discount Pools Supply, you can get the best swimming pools that can be easily installed in your backyard, and the best part is that these pools do not require as much maintenance as the regular pools do.

At Discount Pools Supply, you can get pool liners, replacement parts, pumps, and other swimming pool equipment.

You can choose from the six different types of above ground pools as per your requirements-

  1. Nuance

This above-ground swimming pool is the most cost-effective swimming pool available and is made of steel. The swimming pool has 52” tall steel walls that make it safe, durable, and corrosion-free. The swimming pool has a buttress or a frame for extra support.

  1. Pacific

The Pacific above ground swimming pools is made of resin and aluminium. Aluminium pools have become popular in the last decade as they can handle extreme weather conditions. The resin components make the pool oxidization-free, rust-free, and it doesn’t get hot like the metals. The Pacific swimming pools have 54” high walls for extra safety and security. The walls are made of resin so you don’t have to worry about getting hot.


Atrium swimming pools are made of steel and resin components, making them both durable and lightweight. The walls are made of corrugated metal that makes the swimming pool rust-free, corrosion-free and long-lasting. The buttress-free swimming pool design takes up a lesser space compared to the ones with frames, and that is quite an advantage when you have a smaller backyard.


The Vantage models are a bit expensive compared to the others but are made of steel. The wall height is 52”, while the top ledges are 9”. These swimming pools are available without a buttress, and thus, are easy to install and maintain. The only flip side of this pool is that it may get hot and make the pool water warm during summers, but it can also be counted as an advantage when you don’t enjoy the cold water.

  1. Key West

With 52” high steel walls and 7” top rails, the Key West models of the swimming pools are designed keeping safety and security in mind. Steel pools resist deformation better than aluminium and are considered the strongest. Earlier, steel pools were vulnerable to rust, but now, they have a galvanized and vinyl coat that prevents the pools from rust, corrosion, and oxidation.

  1. Paradise

The Paradise model swimming pools have 52” wall height for extra security and are made of steel components that make them robust. However, it comes with a buttress or a frame and is suitable for a bigger backyard.

At Discount Pool Supply, we ensure that you get the best swimming experience, and for that, we also supply solar blankets, safety covers, winter covers, water bags, and solar roller systems to keep your swimming pool clean, serene, and hygienic. Get the best quality auto-cleaners, heaters, and pumps here to keep your swimming pool clean and enjoyable. Decorate your above-ground pools with light and fountains or solar reel systems available with us, and enjoy the summer splashes with your kids and family with a range of floats, loungers, and toys.

So if you are looking for nice and budget-priced above ground pools in Canada, make sure to check Discount Pool Supply for the best seasonal deals.